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Hey it is 4/4 today. Paying homage to The Man...just don't let him near the Queen!!

So I’ve been telling you all along not to panic…it’s only the first week of the season. Hitters are very streaky. What about pitchers you ask? I wouldn’t overreact over pitching debuts either. But what you can do is target the owners that do.  Look for someone in your league with a trigger finger like Raylan Givens and make your move.  Here’s some guys to target…



Yeah I know it's not Colorado...but it's funny!

On the day of Wrestlemania, we had a snowed out game and a triple play. Another full slate of games today so let’s get right to it.
First an update on Evan Longoria. They are claiming he’ll be out 3 weeks..officially on the DL today as you learned on earlier.