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Expedition: Impossible – Week 4 Recap

Posted: July 14, 2011 by ksteets in TV

When last we saw our competitors they had finished the 3rd leg of the race and were in the 105 degree Sahara Desert. This week they’ve been magically transported to the below freezing temperatures of the High Atlas Mountains. The first checkpoint 10,000 feet high on the mountain. The Gypsies start off before everyone…again. This week they’ll keep their eyes on No Limits as they’ve already climbed Mt. Everest and should be strong with this challenge. Starting 2nd with No Limits are The Country Boys. After them is the group of The Fab 3, The Firemen and The Football Players. The last group to go is The Cops, The Fishermen, California Girls and last weeks 10th place winners, Team Kansas.

We get a shot of No Limits with Jeff calling out directions to help Eric through the snow-covered rocky terrain. After watching this show I’m never going to feel bad for a blind person again. This guy is unstoppable. Meanwhile, The Country Boys are not doing so well as we see multiple teams passing them and The Fab 3, being hurt and sick have fallen back to 6th place.



Expedition: Impossible – Week 3 Recap

Posted: July 8, 2011 by ksteets in TV

Last week on this race across Morocco we saw The Gypsies take first place again while Mom’s Army was honorably discharged and sent home. To start off this week, host Dave Salmoni tells the teams that this next leg will take 2 days and start off with each squad having to obtain camels by gathering feed and lugging it 1.5 miles to camel station. As it was last week The Gypsies get a five-minute head start for coming in first the previous leg. The next group to take off is No Limits, The Football Players and The Country Boys. After them, Team Kansas, Fab 3 and The Fishermen take off. The last group to leave is The California Girls, Grandpa’s Warriors, NY Fireman and Team Cops.


Expedition: Impossible – Week 2 Recap

Posted: June 30, 2011 by ksteets in TV

The first week of ABC’s new reality adventure series saw 13 teams start their tour across the Kingdom of Morocco and finished with Latin Persuasion heading home. This week our remaining 12 teams continue the race that some wold call amazing. Our host Dave Salmoni tells the teams the first leg of this stage starts when they a half-mile on foot to a horse outpost where each member will choose an Arabian Stallion and ride 7 miles to the next checkpoint.

AJ from The Fab 3 lets us know he hates horses because he doesn’t want a hoof to his pretty face. Please let this be foreshadowing. Team Gypsy came in first last stage so they will begin with a five-minute head start. The first group to go after them has The Fab 3, The Football Players and Team Kansas. After them The Country Boys, Firemen, No Limits and The Fisherman launch their start followed by the last group of Grandpa’s Warriors, Mom’s Army, California Girls and The Cops get to go.


Expedition:Impossible – We turn it up to 11!!

Posted: June 23, 2011 by ksteets in TV

Reality show super producer Mark Burnett just can’t get enough shows on TV these days. Burnett is currently riding high with the success of his non-idol singing competition The Voice on NBC and is also the creator of Survivor, currently in it’s 98th season and The Apprentice, celebrity or otherwise, with political powerhouse Donald Trump. Now Burnett brings us Expedition: Impossible, which from all accounts looks like the Amazing Race but with three person teams instead of two. You see, it’s not the same. Burnett wants us to know that team size isn’t the only thing that separates this show from the CBS hit. E:I takes place entirely in Morocco, contestants will not be taking taxis or buses or planes. “Here, you actually need to put yourself on the line, really be willing to cross the deserts and the mountains and use the camels and the horses. So, it’s a very, very much more difficult competition.” he said. So let’s see how it goes. (more…)

FX is quickly becoming my favorite network, if they would only stop showing Two and Half Men reruns. Home of Sons of Anarchy, Justified and Rescue Me, last season they gave us Louis C.K’s simply titled Louie. Shot on such a low-budget that the network let the comedian do almost whatever he wanted for six episodes and it resulted in the best half hour of comedy on cable. C.K. stars as a TV version of himself, a single divorced father of two daughters and a stand-up comedian. The show mixes in scenes of his life in New York with scenes from his stand-up shows through out the city. The show had appearence from fellow comdians Ricky Gervais, Jim Norton and Robert Kelly. My favorite episode had C.K. annihilating a women who was talking during one of his sets then trying to hook up with her afterward. While the show doesn’t get the same liberties as his previous sitcom, the unjustly canceled after one season Lucky Louie on HBO, FX does push boundaries that the big four networks would never do and the language in this episode was vicious. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Before the second season starts tonight, FX is bringing all new comedy starring Elijah Wood. Wilfred center’s around Rick, a beaten man, depressed and pushed around by his sister and father. After a failed suicide attempt the night before he answers his door the next day to find neighbor Jenna asking him to watch after her dog Wilfred, but while the rest of the world sees Wilfred as a cute and cuddly dog, Rick sees a pot smoking, foul-mouthed, belligerent Australian man in a dog suit. And so our story begins. Jason Gann plays Wilfred and had originally wrote this with Adam Zwar as a short film and then a TV series in Australia where it had aired for 2 eight episode seasons. FX has produced 13 episodes for this series with the first airing tonight at 10 pm et followed by Louie at 10:30 et.

This Sunday marks the premiere of HBO’s new drama Game of Thrones, based on the best selling fantasy adventure series, A Song of Fire and Ice, by Georde R.R. Martin. Judging by the 14 minute preview released by HBO last week, which you can find here (, there’s gonna be some heads lopped off. In honor of this we here at PlaxcioAgrees give you the Top 5 Decapitations.

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To recap last week, Team dos Santos lost Keon when he decided he’d rather see his daughter than train with a top ranked fighter and earn a chance to be a professional fighter. Who will replace him this week? The fight featured Team Lesnar’s Chris Cope defeating Javier Torres giving Team Lesnar the fight pick.