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As you may (should) know, EA Sports is holding a tournament of sorts to decide who will grace the cover of Madden ’12. EA began by offering 32 candidates and the voters have narrowed it down to the final 8. One of these eight finalists is the ever-polarizing Michael Vick who is matched up against the 49ers Patrick Willis for a spot in the final four. During the round of 16, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) reached out to EA Sports President Peter Moore in the hopes of having Vick removed from the fans’ voting options.

This leads me to believe that the folks at PETA are completely unaware of the infamous “Madden Curse”.

The “curse” has affected several players in different ways, some players have been subjected to a severe drop in production (Eddie George, Marshall Faulk) some players suffered serious injuries that ruined their seasons (Garrison Hearst, Donovan McNabb) and for some players, it was both (Daunte Culpepper, Shaun Alexander).

Michael Vick was on the cover of Madden 2004, he broke his leg in the pre-season and missed 12 games. Vick’s team, the Atlanta Falcons, went 5-11 that season.

So what exactly is PETA trying to accomplish? Keeping Vick off the cover of Madden might just keep Vick on the field (IF we have a season) and that doesn’t seem to suit the cries of PETA or the handful of people that ever bothered to show up to the Linc to protest his presence there. Keeping Vick on the field is definitely in the best interest of Andy Reid who is rumored to be looking at trading away relatively untested Kevin Kolb while he is still over-valued.

While some might not believe in the “Madden Curse” at all, the evidence is out there, and you can choose to believe whatever you want. The way I see it, Vick’s NFC East rivals and Mike Kafka are probably voting for him to be on his second Madden cover.

Andy Reid is certainly logging on daily and casting votes for Patrick Willis.