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The End is HERE!

Posted: July 25, 2011 by Football Buddah in Uncategorized

The NFL Lock-Out, for all intents and purposes, has ended.

After 132 days of “lock-out”, and no football related movement, the NFL Players Association approved the CBA that the Owners agreed upon last week. It’s no coincidence that today is also the birthday of the late, great, Walter Payton; so we can all thank  Sweetness himself for looking down on the current players, and telling them to get their asses back on the field! (more…)


What’s up with Netflix?

Posted: July 21, 2011 by Football Buddah in Uncategorized

Ok, so by now most of you have heard that Netflix recently changed their operating model to separate their plans, to better reflect the costs of each. What I’m talking about is the traditional DVD’s by mail, and the unlimited on-line streaming of movies. Instead of the $10 bucks a month it was costing to have both of these options, they are now going to start charging $8 bucks a month, for each! That’s a 60% increase. I’m sure their investors are tickled pink about that, especially since they have seen their stock jump over 200% over the past year. (Note to self, buy some stock). Well, I for one, can live without the on-line streaming; because quite frankly, their on-line selection isn’t as vast as I thought it would be. Perhaps if they increased their library, it might be worth the extra $8 bucks. But, for now, I’ll stick with the one-DVD-out-at-a-time deal, and save a few bucks per month. Great, maybe now I can go OUT to the movies, by myself!


Ruling on NFL Lockout Could Take Weeks

Posted: April 6, 2011 by Football Buddah in Sports
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NFL Lockout Battle Continues in Court

The judge presiding over the NFL Players request to lift the lockout says it will take “a couple of weeks” to make her ruling, but has urged both the Players and Owners to get back together and resume their negotiations, to come to an agreement. Of course, she also said she’d be happy to help facilitate those negotiations too.


This weekend, the 75th annual Masters Tournament will once again be played at Augusta National Golf Course, where the best golfers in the world will converge in a quest for that coveted Green Jacket.

Phil Mickleson enters this Masters Tournament as the defending champion, and the odds on favorite to win it all again going off at 6/1 odds.    Somewhat more surprisingly though, is that Tiger Woods is the next favorite at 8/1.  I guess it’s difficult to ever count Tiger out when he’s got a golf club in his hand, but he hasn’t won a tournament since September 2009, and just hasn’t looked like the same dominating Tiger that we have come to know since even before turning pro. (more…)

Plaxico Agrees is now on Twitter

Posted: April 5, 2011 by Football Buddah in Uncategorized

Get your updates from Plaxico by following us on Twitter @PlaxicoAgrees and never miss an update.

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Follow us on Twitter @PlaxicoAgrees

Cricket Anyone?

Posted: April 1, 2011 by Football Buddah in Sports
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Well, the moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived.  The Cricket World Cup Final is here!

Yes, it starts up on Saturday at 2:30pm LOCAL time in Mumbai, India – which means, for us East Coasters, it starts sometime in the middle of the night.   Bangladesh, India takes on Sri Lanka in what is bound to be a grueling… match? contest?  game?  Ok, let’s just call it a tournament.  But, before you say, “is anybody really watching this?”, you should know that it has the 3rd largest TV audience, behind Soccer’s World Cup, and the Summer Olympics, with something like 2.2 Billion viewers.  I guess when your country is playing in it, and hosting it, all 1 Billion of your fellow countrymen will likely be watching.  I mean, what else is there to do?  The weather forecast for the tournament is an unseasonably warm 27 degrees (Celsius, of course) under SMOKEY skies.  Perhaps officials should consider closing the retractable roof.

Stumpy, the World Cup Mascot says, host India will beat Sri Lanka by 13 runs.  But don’t mortgage your sacred cow on that prediction.  I don’t even know how this game is played!

~ Football Buddah

Not exactly breaking news, right? Well, the NFL lock-out continues on into it’s 3rd week, and both sides will head to court next week to duke it out further.

This past week though, there were a few bright spots that give us NFL-junkies something to look forward to. Call it a positive step in the right direction – some of the top prospects in this years draft class have said publicly that they will attend the NFL draft in person. Julio Jones (WR, Alabama); Adrian Clayborn (DE, Iowa) and Tyron Smith (OT, USC) have all confirmed that they will be in attendance at the 2011 NFL Draft. But, more importantly, top prospect Von Miller (LB, Texas A&M) has also confirmed that he too will attend this years draft. He will definitely hear his name get called on day 1, and likely before my kids are even tucked into bed. Now, the fact that Miller is listed as the Plaintiff, representing the whole Rookie Class, in the lawsuit between the NFL Players and the NFL Owners, doesn’t mean that he or any of the other top prospects should pass up on this opportunity to hear their name called on Draft day. Even though the most they will be able to do is put on that one-size-fits-most NFL cap, hold up their #1 jersey, and have a bunch of photo-op’s taken with their new teams – oh yeah, and shake hands with the Commish himself, Roger Goodell. I guess to them, he’s the bad guy.

Now, I’ve heard both sides of the story – from the owners and the players – and I’m not so sure I can honestly say I’m on either side. It’s Billionaires vs Millionaires, and they don’t exactly have my sympathy – but, they do have my attention. They hold the game I know and love hostage, and until they can figure it all out, we’re without any real Football during this off-season. But, those up-and-coming Rookies seem to be getting the short end of the stick in this whole situation since the lock-out. They’re not even in the NFL yet, but the Agents and the Press have gotten into their heads, and it seems as if these Rookies are feeling the pressure to not attend in person, all in the name of a boycott. Sure, they’re destined to make millions too, and I applaud the current players’ efforts to ensure that the rookies are not slighted as it pertains to pay, but the notion that they shouldn’t attend the draft, is just absurd. This is a once and a lifetime opportunity for these men, something that they won’t be able to re-live next year – or ever.

I’ve also heard that some other players were invited, but declined to attend, citing that they would rather be at home with their families and such. I can respect that, if that’s truly their reason. Hopefully, those who have already agreed publicly that they will be in attendance, will pave the way for others to attend as well. I would hate to know that a potential rookie gave up his opportunity to walk across that stage after hearing his name called, over a labor dispute.

~ Football Buddah