This is what we do.

Welcome to your one stop website to catch up on sports, movies, tv, music and hopefully some laughs. Feel free to leave comments, subscribe and send us feedback. And of course tell your friends to stop by and give us read. They’ll enjoy it. Plaxico Agrees.

  1. Bernie says:

    Plax – Did you ever try the meatloaf in here? I have yet to try it but am getting tired of turning tricks for Pop Tarts. The fried chicken, ham sandwich, grilled cheese, and pasta are not bad but the smell of the meatloaf turns me ill.

  2. Cifuation says:

    NIT basketball at it’s best tonight. slow night. i’m still fascinated that witchita st are called the shockers.
    There’s couple good nba games tonight. lakers/mavs and celtics/spurs. Mavs getting 6.5 points as the underdog. solid bet in my opinion. take the mavs, they will cover. the celtics/spurs game is practically a pick em. i wouldn’t touch that bet.

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