The End is HERE!

Posted: July 25, 2011 by Football Buddah in Uncategorized

The NFL Lock-Out, for all intents and purposes, has ended.

After 132 days of “lock-out”, and no football related movement, the NFL Players Association approved the CBA that the Owners agreed upon last week. It’s no coincidence that today is also the birthday of the late, great, Walter Payton; so we can all thank  Sweetness himself for looking down on the current players, and telling them to get their asses back on the field!

With every ending, comes another new beginning. And what is about to begin is being considered a feeding frenzy. There are tons of Free-Agents out there, and this next week will be a very busy one. Here’s a listing of some top players, and where the word on the street is, they’re going to end up.

QB – Kevin Kolb, PHI. This one is probably already done, and it’s really been no secret that the Arizona Cardinals are chomping at the bit to get an established QB there.  He’s been working out with Fitzgerald throwing him the ball, so this one should already be done by now.

QB – Matt Hasslebeck, SEA. Matthew still has a few years left in him, and he’ll be a good fit as a veteran to groom a rookie to take over. I can see him showing up in Tennessee.

QB – Donovan McNabb, WAS. This relationship in Washington was over before it started. McNabb will likely wind up going to Minnesota, because just like Tennessee, they have a rookie QB that needs grooming, and it just makes good sense.

QB – Alex Smith, SFO.  The Niners and new coach Harbaugh were warned by the NFL throughout the lock-out about talking about current players, when Harbaugh mentioned several times that he wants Smith to return to the team.  If this happens, this has got to be his last chance, because he hasn’t shown much there in the past 5 years.

RB – DeAngelo Williams, CAR.  The Panthers backfield is getting crowded, and Williams is likely to be lured away by another team.  John Fox, now coach of the Broncos, could use a feature back in the mile-high city, since the word on the street is, Moreno is not living up to his hype.

RB – Ahmad Bradshaw, NYG.  Bradshaw put together his most impressive season yet with over 1500 yds last year, sharing time with Brandon Jacobs.  I don’t see the Giants letting him get away, even though he lets the ball get away from him (ala early Tiki).

RB – Cedric Benson, CIN.  Benson ran for over 1000 yards in back to back seasons, and if the Bengals lose Carson Palmer, they will need to rely heavily on the run.  The Bengals are still a good fit for Benson.

WR – Plaxico Burress, NYG.  How can I write an article and not include Plaxico?  Plax has stated that he wants to go someplace where the team can contend.  He was quoted as saying he would “love to return to Pittsburgh”.  I’m not so sure I can agree.  Sure, the Steelers are contenders year after year, but they are building around their youth (Wallace, Sanders, Brown), and they still have “twinkle-toes” Hines Ward as well.   Good luck, Plaxico, wherever you land.



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