What’s up with Netflix?

Posted: July 21, 2011 by Football Buddah in Uncategorized

Ok, so by now most of you have heard that Netflix recently changed their operating model to separate their plans, to better reflect the costs of each. What I’m talking about is the traditional DVD’s by mail, and the unlimited on-line streaming of movies. Instead of the $10 bucks a month it was costing to have both of these options, they are now going to start charging $8 bucks a month, for each! That’s a 60% increase. I’m sure their investors are tickled pink about that, especially since they have seen their stock jump over 200% over the past year. (Note to self, buy some stock). Well, I for one, can live without the on-line streaming; because quite frankly, their on-line selection isn’t as vast as I thought it would be. Perhaps if they increased their library, it might be worth the extra $8 bucks. But, for now, I’ll stick with the one-DVD-out-at-a-time deal, and save a few bucks per month. Great, maybe now I can go OUT to the movies, by myself!

I for one, like going to the mailbox and seeing that red envelope there waiting for me. My wife and I look forward to the next movie, and we usually get through at least one each week. Their turn-around-time on the delivery is pretty quick too. However, I have to pay better attention to the reviews, because there have been a few movies that I got that weren’t so great. Now, I’m no movie critic, but I’m going to give you my best analysis of some recent ones we’ve seen. Look out Roger Ebert, there’s a new fat-guy in this game!

“The Company Men” – Starring Ben Affleck, Tommy Lee Jones, and a bunch of other people. It’s about a bunch of high-paid Executives losing their jobs because of the economy, and showing the struggles that they are going through trying to find a new job, with 100’s of other ‘highly qualified’ applicants out there too. I thought this was going to be a good flick, but I kept thinking to myself during the movie, “when is something going to happen”? Well, I don’t think anything big actually really happens. It could have fallen under the category of Documentary with how things were moving. And, quite frankly, it was somewhat depressing! Sure, it made me appreciate my job more, but come on. Not exactly the thriller or drama that I was looking for, but lessons learned. Don’t waste your time, unless you find yourself out of work with nothing else to do.

“The Next 3 Days” – Starring Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks. This was a really good movie. Had us on the edge of our seats, and really made you think – “what would you do?” Directed by Paul Haggis, who Directed “Crash”, which was another great flick. This one was about Elizabeth Bank’s character going to jail for murder, and her husband’s (Russell Crowe) plan to break her out, and move on with their lives, on the run it appears. The story shows Crowe going through all his resources for information, phoney ID’s, etc, all while devising not only the perfect plan to break his wife out of jail, but the plan to stay out of jail too. Liam Neesen was in this too, for all of about 5 minutes, but he plays a key role for Crowe’s character, in learning how it’s actually done. I recommend this one.

“Life As We Know It” – Starring Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel. Ok, I got this one for my wife, and it is a typical chick-flick. . She liked it and she cried (of course). I was dying watching this (of course). This one is about that ‘perfect couple’, who have a new baby, and each of them asks their friend to be god-parents. Except, these two ‘friends’ aren’t exactly friends with each other, but they tolerate each other. Then, the mom & dad die tragically in a car accident, and wouldn’t ya know it, the two god-parents are thrust into being “parents” to their god-child. Now, here’s where it gets more far fetched. The clause of the will said that those two had to live in the family’s house? Ok, whatever. Well, they struggle to have their own separate lives, while trying to be good “parents” – but, you can tell that they each have a secret thing for the other one – – and wouldn’t ya know it again – – they wind up doing it, and falling in love, and making it all work out for the sake of the baby. Ohhh, how sweeeeet… BLAAHHH! If you like chick flicks, then this is definitely for you.

“The Fighter” – Starring Marky Mark Wahlberg, Amy Adams, and Christian Bale. This was also a very good movie. Based on a true story about boxer “Irish” Mickey Ward (Wahlberg) and his half-brother, Dickey Eklund (Bale). Dickey is best known for knocking down Sugar Ray Leonard, but has become a crack-addict. The younger Mickey, is following in Dickey’s footsteps in the ring, and is trying to make a name for himself as a boxer, with his mother as his Manager, and Dickey as his trainer, however Dickey is usually getting high somewhere and doesn’t show up when he’s supposed to. Mickey meets Amy Adam’s character, and they are now a couple, and she puts some sense into his head to get away from his brother and mother, and make something of his career, which he does. Overall a good movie, if you can get past the horrible Boston accents. It was nominated for Academy Awards, so they must know what they’re talking about.

Well, that’s about it for the last few movies I saw. I hope you enjoyed my little rant, while I had some down time. I’ll try to post some more in a month or so after I watch another 3 or 4 movies.


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