Expedition: Impossible – Week 4 Recap

Posted: July 14, 2011 by ksteets in TV

When last we saw our competitors they had finished the 3rd leg of the race and were in the 105 degree Sahara Desert. This week they’ve been magically transported to the below freezing temperatures of the High Atlas Mountains. The first checkpoint 10,000 feet high on the mountain. The Gypsies start off before everyone…again. This week they’ll keep their eyes on No Limits as they’ve already climbed Mt. Everest and should be strong with this challenge. Starting 2nd with No Limits are The Country Boys. After them is the group of The Fab 3, The Firemen and The Football Players. The last group to go is The Cops, The Fishermen, California Girls and last weeks 10th place winners, Team Kansas.

We get a shot of No Limits with Jeff calling out directions to help Eric through the snow-covered rocky terrain. After watching this show I’m never going to feel bad for a blind person again. This guy is unstoppable. Meanwhile, The Country Boys are not doing so well as we see multiple teams passing them and The Fab 3, being hurt and sick have fallen back to 6th place.

The first team to the checkpoint is of course The Gypsies. The next challenge is to unravel the bracelets that each team member was given and tie them together to form a fishing line which they will use along with a grappling hook to retrieve cages below to get a key that unlocks the next clue. No Limits is the next team to show up and are soon followed by more teams including The Fab 3. The challenge requires that only 1 team member is doing retrieving the cage while the other 2 members stay off to the side. AJ is sick and would like to sit down and Ryan needs to sit down because of his knee and both would like Kari to try the challenge but she is clueless so AJ nuts up and does tries it himself.

The Gypsies are the first to get the key and find out that they have to now head down the mountain to the next checkpoint where they’ll stay the night at the camp. No Limits and The Football players are the next teams to leave. After they leave The Country Boys finally arrive in last place but quickly get a key and start towards the checkpoint before The California Girls, The Firemen and The Fab 3.  The Fab 3 get their key followed by The Firemen and that would have left Brittany of the California Girls freezing and crying trying to hook her cage, if it wasn’t for fireman “Fathead” Kevin staying back to help her out and give her some support. Smooth play “Fathead”.

After a rough freezing night the team have to set out in the morning to the next checkpoint. Prepping for the day Lindsey of Team Kansas seems to think she’s been kicking ass in this race and feels it’s necessary to subtly talk smack to Chad and The Country Boys. Stay classy Kansas. The leg of the race sees the team head out of the snow and down a dirt road down to a farming village where their next checkpoint awaits.

The starting order for this leg is the same as yesterdays with the Gypsies headed out first followed by No Limits. The third team out is The Football Players followed by the group of The Fishermen, The Cops and Team Kansas. Then the final group of California Girls, Fab 3, The Firemen and The Country Boys.

A bit up the mountain, Chad holding the Country Boys back and Kelsey is holding Team Kansas back quickly allowing the girls to drop from 6th place to 9th place in seconds. The Gypsies continue their domination and are the first team to the checkpoint. It really pays to have super powered mustache’s.

For the next leg the teams must load farming plows onto a mule and lead go 2 1/2 miles up through the mountain to the next checkpoint where teams will now load their plows into Ford Explorers and drive to the next checkpoint to get their next clue. Again, the Gypsies arrive and leave first followed by No Limits. Just as we see Team Kansas and The Country Boys get their donkeys, we cut to the Gypsies arriving at the next checkpoint and getting the new clue.

They must now assemble the plow and dig the land for a canister holding the instructions to the finish line for this week. At this moment we have the Gypsies and No Limits plowing, the bulk of the teams in their Explorers and Team Kansas and The Country Boys 2 hours behind everyone else. Chad again is severely holding the boys back as they lead their mule through the switchbacks to the checkpoint. In what could be a stroke of genius, Chad mounts the mule, not that way, and starts to ride his way up the mountain. However, when we return from commercial they have given up that plan and seem to have settled on the fact that they are going to be eliminated today. Quitters.

In contrast we see No Limits plowing through the race and are currently in 2nd place with a blind guy!! They soon dig up the next clue but not before the Gypsies get theirs and both teams are off down the riverbed to the final checkpoint for this leg where the Gypsies take first place again.

Back at the fields, The Football Players get their clue, followed by The Firemen and The Fishermen and The Cops. The California Girls are next then the Fab 3 and they all finish in that order. Meanwhile Team Kansas and The Country Boys assemble their plows and start digging to see who gets eliminated. Despite giving up earlier, The Country Boys find the clue and go down the river to cross the finish line leaving Team Kansas boarding the helicopter and going home.


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