2011 State Farm Home Run Derby Preview

Posted: July 11, 2011 by frankthetank44 in Sports
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Everybody knows chicks dig the long ball

The 2011 State Farm Home Run Derby will take place Monday night at 8 PM EST from Chase Field in Arizona. This year, it was set up a little differently. There were 2 captains named, one from the AL & one from the NL, and then they chose 3 teammates from their respective leagues.
The American League captain was David Ortiz, the 2010 Home Run Derby champ. The DH has 19 homers this season and this is Big Papi’s 5th Home Run Derby. He chose as his teammates :

Red Sox teammate 1B Adrian Gonzalez.  This is A-Gone’s 2nd home run derby and along with leading the majors in RBI & tied for the lead in batting average he also has 17 homers on the season.

Blue Jays OF & Major League home run leader Jose Bautista.  Joey Bats has 31 bombs this season and was the overall leading vote getter in the All Star Game to be played on Tuesday night.  This is his first home run derby.

Rounding out the AL team is Yankees 2B Robinson Cano.  Interesting a Red Sox player would chose a Yankee as a teammate.  Just goes to show the fans are probably more passionate about the rivalry than the players are.  The Orioles probably hate Ortiz more than the Yankees do lately.  This is Cano’s first Home Run Derby and he has 15 homers on the season.  Yankee 1B Mark Teixeira was Ortiz’s first choice, but he and his 25 homers this season was only going to participate if he made the All-Star team.  Yankee teammate OF Curtis Granderson also had 25 homers at the break.

The NL team is captained by Brewers 1B Prince Fielder.  He was the 2009 Home Run Derby champ and this is his 3rd Home Run Derby.  He has 22 homers on the season, and also the longest home run so far this year at 486 feet.  The solo blast off of the Astros’ Randy Myers on 4/29 can be seen here :


Fielder’s teammates are :

Fellow Brewer 2B Richie Weeks.  So each side has a 2B on their team.  Weeks has 17 homers this season and this is his first Home Run Derby.

Dodgers OF Matt Kemp.  Kemp is having a great first half and has positioned himself in contention for the MVP award.  This is also his first Home Run Derby, and he has 22 homers on the year, to go along with 24 stolen bases I might add.

Rounding out the NL team is Cardinals OF Matt Holliday.  This is his 3rd Home Run Derby and he has 14 homers on the season.  Teammate Lance Berkman surprisingly leads the NL with 24 homers.

Now a notable omission from the contest is hometown Diamondbacks OF Justin Upton.  Not only does he have the 2nd longest homer of the season at 478 feet..off of STL SP Chris Carpenter on 4/12, see below….but he also has 4 homers of at least 450 feet this season.  He has 15 homers on the year.  Obviously the Arizona fans would be more interested in cheering on their hometown boy instead of a couple of Brewers or Red Sox.  I actually was looking forward to seeing Marlins OF Mike Stanton in the Home Run Derby.  He has 18 homers on the season, and rarely does he hit anything but a tape measure shot.  Hopefully we will be seeing him in Home Run Derbys for seasons to come.


State Farm is donating $100,000 to the winning captain’s charity, as well as a $100,000 contribution in their name to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.  Someone should be doing something for them since their name will be forever linked to LeBron and “The Decision”.

The losing team captain will get $25,000 donated to their favorite charity.


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