Expedition: Impossible – Week 3 Recap

Posted: July 8, 2011 by ksteets in TV

Last week on this race across Morocco we saw The Gypsies take first place again while Mom’s Army was honorably discharged and sent home. To start off this week, host Dave Salmoni tells the teams that this next leg will take 2 days and start off with each squad having to obtain camels by gathering feed and lugging it 1.5 miles to camel station. As it was last week The Gypsies get a five-minute head start for coming in first the previous leg. The next group to take off is No Limits, The Football Players and The Country Boys. After them, Team Kansas, Fab 3 and The Fishermen take off. The last group to leave is The California Girls, Grandpa’s Warriors, NY Fireman and Team Cops.

Grandpa says that their strategy today is to conserve their energy, hang in there and not come in last. They’re off to a bad start as they are currently in last place. The Gypsies of course are the first team to the camel station and now must ride their camels 3.8 miles to the next checkpoint. Football Players and The Country Boys take off while Eric from No Limits is having a difficult time feeling safe riding a camel, you know since he’s blind and all. Uncooperative camels are a problem for every team though and it seems the whole “riding” thing was optional as most teams have taken to walking with their camels. Lindsey of Team Kansas, currently in 7th place, wishes she walked her camel as when she tries to have it stop, he snaps and bucks her like a rodeo clown and then steps on her just to teach her a lesson. That delay puts them in last place.

The first teams arrive at the checkpoint and must now load six olive oil barrels onto their camels and take them down to the river where they will need to build a raft and ride it to the next checkpoint. First down to the river are The Gypsies, Football Players and The Country Boys who manage to be the first team to get their craft into the water and are halfway across the lake before the other teams are even in the water. The Fisherman arrive at the shore and Joe says that throughout the race they’ve been near No Limits and the Kansas Girls and says they can’t go home being beaten by a bunch of girls and a blind guy so they need to step it up.

I swear on your Mom's couch Chuckie, if we lose to those broads and that blind guy, I will beat your ass to a pulp like Mickey Ward.

Every team is either in the water or has arrived on the island except Grandpa’s Warriors who are still trying to get the barrels down to the river.

The Country Boys are the first to reach the checkpoint and now must paddle 1 mile to the North East and then trek another mile to the checkpoint which is where they will make camp for the night.

Still trying to get to that checkpoint are The California Girls, in 10th place, who seem to like spinning in circles in the middle of the river and allow Grandpa’s Warriors to gain some ground and pass them.

The first teams to the camp are The Country Boys holding hands with The Gypsies as the two teams check in all at once. The Football Players check in 3rd followed by No Limits. In 5th place comes Fab 3. Back on the river Grandpa’s army knows how to paddle and are now ahead of Team Kansas as well as The California Girls who end up being the last two teams to check in for the night. At camp the youngest competitor in the race, Mackenzie of Team Kansas, has a break down over her feet who trekked across the desert in her water shows that rubbed the skin clean off the back of her heals.

The next morning the teams must head 3.5 miles along the river to the next checkpoint. The Country Boys and Gypsies take off first then the Football Players and No Limits followed by Fab 3, The Cops and The Fishermen. The rest of the teams are the last to start their day.

Gigantic winds are blowing sand all over making it very difficult to make the journey but The Gypsies power through it and are the first team to the checkpoint. The teams now use a scroll they were given to figure out the combination that unlocks the next clue box. The key was to wrap the scroll around the pole and have the intricate patterns form the combination. With the lead teams taking time to figure this out the rest of the groups have caught up.

The Country Boys are the first to break away now must run a mile to the next checkpoint. The last team to figure the puzzle out are the Fishermen from Gloucester who are “wicked bummed out” because again, they do not want to lose to a group of women.

At the next checkpoint the teams must choose between a 4.1 mile route down the river or a shorter 3.3 mile route over rough terrain. The paths converge at the river canyon and from there it’s a push to this leg’s finish line. The Country Boys are first and choose the easier longer route as do No Limits and The Gypsies. Team Kansas and The Cops are the only teams to take the mountain route. 20 minutes behind Grandpa’s Warriors, The Fishermen finally get their clue and are off and running trying to make up ground.

The Gypsies are once again the first team to check in. The producers really should make them shave off their magic moustache’s and make it fair for the rest of the teams.

Unfair advantages now for sale!

No Limits are 2nd, Country Boys are 3rd followed by The Football Players, Fab 3, NY Firemen, California Girls and then The Cops coming in 8th. We’re left with Team Kansas, Grandpa’s Warriors and The Fishermen to battle it out. Surprisingly the young Samantha seems to be the weak link on Grandpa’s Warriors as she’s tired and cold and holding her dad and grandfather back allowing The Fishermen to finally pass them. Team Kansas makes it down the river and ends the leg in 9th place followed by The Fishermen, leaving Grandpa’s Warriors getting sent to the retirement home.


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