Expedition: Impossible – Week 2 Recap

Posted: June 30, 2011 by ksteets in TV

The first week of ABC’s new reality adventure series saw 13 teams start their tour across the Kingdom of Morocco and finished with Latin Persuasion heading home. This week our remaining 12 teams continue the race that some wold call amazing. Our host Dave Salmoni tells the teams the first leg of this stage starts when they a half-mile on foot to a horse outpost where each member will choose an Arabian Stallion and ride 7 miles to the next checkpoint.

AJ from The Fab 3 lets us know he hates horses because he doesn’t want a hoof to his pretty face. Please let this be foreshadowing. Team Gypsy came in first last stage so they will begin with a five-minute head start. The first group to go after them has The Fab 3, The Football Players and Team Kansas. After them The Country Boys, Firemen, No Limits and The Fisherman launch their start followed by the last group of Grandpa’s Warriors, Mom’s Army, California Girls and The Cops get to go.

The Kansas Girls claimed they have horses all over the place in Kansas so this was right up their ally. That sure isn’t the way it worked out. Their horses would stop, go backwards and seem to even try to buck them off. Jeff from No Limits actually did get bucked off his horse before even taking a step. The Country Boys are much more successful and jump their way up to the lead teams and end the first leg in 2nd place behind the Gypsies.

The teams must now make their way into a casbah, use the buckets available to gather water from the river and fill an urn to obtain the next instructions. The teams have the choice of using large leaky buckets or smaller buckets that won’t leak as much. Team No Limits run off to fetch their pail of water without blind Erik which may cost them since the teams need to stay together throughout the race. They manage to get Erik for their return run to the river hoping they won’t be penalized.

We finally get a proper introduction to The Cops, a group of ex-swat members that sound like extras from The Town.

The Country Boys are the first ones to retrieve the instructions and now must inflate kayaks and paddle four miles down the rapids to the next checkpoint. The Gypsies, Football and No Limits follow them. As the rest of teams are finishing up, The California Girls finally arrive, a full 45 minutes behind everyone else.

The Gypsies are able to pass The Country Boys who, do to too much Cracker Barrell, are having difficulty keeping their kayaks moving in the shallow river. The NY Firemen are having the same issue.

Other teams are having trouble staying in their boats, Fab 3, Kansas Girls and Mom from Mom’s Army each flip over.

At the next checkpoint the teams learn that they must now find a map in the local village and find the one lamp that will light the way to the finish line on the map. The Gypsies are the first to arrive followed by The Country Boys and The Cops. The correct lamp highlights a destination called The Old Bridge on the map, about two miles down the cannon. The finish line is near there but is concealed by tall stone walls.

No Limits arrive at the village in 4th and Grandpa’s Warriors who were almost eliminated last week gets there in 5th followed by The Fishermen and The Fab 3.

Once at the bridge the teams start wandering around looking for the finish line. Team Gypsy use the powers harnessed from their mustaches to figure out that the finish line is behind the wall and are the first team to finish the second stage.

The Country Boys are the next team to finish. The Cops decide to venture up the hills in hope of a better view allowing No Limits to check in 3rd followed by Football, Fab 3, Fishermen, Kansas Girls, Grandpa’s Warriors, and The California Girls. We’re left with the wandering Cops, Mom’s Army and The NY Firemen. The Cops cross paths with the Firemen and advise them not to go where they came from because it’s the wrong way. Smartly ignoring the advice of someone from Boston, the Fireman decide to continue in that direction and soon find the bridge down stream and are the 10th team to check in. The Cops have managed to circle back and have found the bridge and then the finish line leaving Mom’s Army the last team to reach the end and thus are sent packing.


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