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As of Friday morning, Nate Marquardt was set to make his welterweight debut against Rick “The Horror” Story but he failed his medical clearance and do to strict privacy laws in Pennsylvania the reason can not be disclosed.

"The Great" may need to change his name after the last 48 hours.

Whatever the reason was though was bad enough that UFC President Dana White announced over his Twitter account that Marquardt has been fired and will never fight in the UFC again. Earlier tonight, Marquardt himself took to Twitter and advised he will be addressing all the issues this Tuesday. So until then we’ll just have to watch some fights!

The heavyweight bout between Cheick Kongo and Pat Barry has been moved up to our main event while Charlie Brenneman will take Marquardt’s spot against Story. Also in welterweight action we have Matt Brown taking on John Howard.

The first fight of the night is in the heavyweight division and features Matt Mitrione (4-0) vs Christian Moorecraft (7-1). In the first both fighters stuck to the stand-up game until the end of the round when after being dropped by Mitrione for the second time, Moorecraft looked onto his opponent’s leg and tried to hold him down. Mitrione 10-9. In the second Moorecraft was able to get a few clean takedowns but did not manage to do anything after they were obtained. The second time the referee stood them up do to no action. After the fighters were back on their feet Mitrione nailed Moorecraft with a right-left combination and walked away confidently as Moorecraft hit the canvas. Mitrione wins by KO to up his record to 5-0.

Our next fight is the welterweight fight between John “Doomsday” Howard (14-6) and Matt “The Immortal” Brown (13-10). Howard comes into the fight with some crop circles on his head, let’s hope his chest doesn’t burst open in the middle of the fight. Throughout the first its clear Howard wants to take the fight to the ground despite some punishing legs kicks. Brown did well fighting off most of the attempts. With a little over a minute left in the first Howard did manage a solid takedown but was not able to do anything with it before they were back on their feet to end the round. Howard 10-9. In the second Howard continued to try to take down Brown and looked to be tired out. Brown managed to get his opponent down and did some work to try to get some submissions before the round ended. Brown takes this round 10-9. Brown continues to show his resilience against Howard’s takedown attempts. Howard does mange to get two takedowns towards the end of the round but it seemed Brown worked more and did some damage off his back. I’d give the round to Brown but it could easily go to Howard for the takedowns. However, Matt Brown saves his job as the judges give him the unanimous decision (29-28).

The ex-main event is up next as fast up and comer Rick Story (13-3) takes on Charlie “The Spaniard” Brenneman (13-2). As pointed out by Frank the Tank, Brenneman comes into the fight sporting a tramp stamp which I’m sure gives Story even more motivation. Nobody wants to lose to a guy with a tramp stamp. After messing around their feet a while, Brenneman gets Story down with just under three minutes left. He stayed on top and managed to keep active with his striking while Story did all he could to hold tight and hope the ref would stand them up. Brenneman though was able to finish the round on top and takes it 10-9. “The Spaniard” starts he second round off with another takedown and Story locks in a choke but Brenneman pulls out of it and the fighters are back on their feet. We soon get another takedown by Brenneman and Story just locks on again trying to get the stand-up. Brenneman though stays busy and finishes the round just like the first, on top and in control. He takes this round too, 10-9. Story comes out in the third looking more active but Brenneman scores a single leg takedown. Story though gets into position and tries to lock in a Kimora. The ref stands them up, much to Joe Rogan’s dismay as he thinks the fighters were both active and working for position. Back on their feet and another takedown by Brenneman but Story this time locks in a triangle trying to score the submission. The fighters break and Story manages to get on top and get full mount with less than 90 seconds left in the fight. Story starts doing puch-ups trying to shake Brenneman off him. A sweep by Brenneman lands him on top and that’s where he ends the fight. 10-9 this round for Story but it’s not enough to overcome the first two rounds as Brenneman comes in and gets the upset victory. The judges call it 29-28 in a unanimous decision for Brenneman too.

Our new main event is upon us as Cheick Kongo (25-6-2) takes on Pat Barry (6-2) in heavyweight action. Kongo comes out to the octagon sporting a nice Ricky Williams beard. As expected both fighters start swinging their legs trying to do damage. With just under 3 minutes Barry nails Kongo with a right and follows up on the ground but Kongo manages to stay awake and referee Dan Mirgliota makes a great non-stop and the fight continues. Not for long however as once back on their feet Kongo nails an uppercut and puts Barry to sleep! What a fight! Kongo get the KO victory.

I was hoping with a little time left Versus would air some of the pre-lim fights that aired on facebook. In particular Joe Lauzon’s vicious over Curt Warburton by tap out submission. Look for this one on-line over the next few days as 1:58 into the first round Lauzon locked in a badass Kimora which surely wins him submission on the night. Elsewhere, Charles Olivera got what is sure to be a temporary win over Nik Lentz as moments before getting Lentz to tap out due to rear naked choke, Olivera hammered his opponent with a clear illegal knee to a downed opponent which somehow the referee did not call. It was said after the fight that the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission will be reviewing the fight this week and Dana White said it will most likely lead to the fight being called a no-decision.

Also Joe “Daddy” Stevenson lost by decision to Javier Vasquez (30-27, 29-28, 30-27) and that could mean the end for Stevenson in the UFC. Tyson Griffin made his featherweight debut and scored the decision victory over Manny Gamburyan (29-28, 29-28, 29-29). Michael Johnson got the KO victory at 4:42 of the first round over Edward Faaloloto and Ricardo Lamas got a KO victory over Matt Grice at 4:41 of the first round.

The Fight of the Night bonus went to Olivera vs Lentz, Louzon scored Submission of the Night and Kongo scored the Knockout of the Night. We’ll be back next week for UFC 132 featuring Wanderlei Silva vs Chris Leban, Uriah Faber vs Dominick Cruz and Ryan Bader vs Tito Ortiz.


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