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The 2011 NBA Draft was held in beautiful downtown Newark, NJ. This draft lacked any excitement or intrigue, unless of course you’re a fan of extremely tall European guys.  I’m not going to give my opinion or my “grade” on any of the picks..it’s way too early for that.  But this isn’t exactly 2003 with LeBron, Wade, Melo, Bosh, and of course Darko, either.

Mr. Stern hulking up

Without further ado, we’re starting with the Cleveland Cavaliers who thru a trade with the Clippers, ended up with 2 of the top 4 picks, including the #1 overall.  Also, I’m gonna go with the actual picks, and then try to do my best recapping the trading frenzy that went down afterwards.

#1 Cleveland Cavaliers – PG Kyrie Irving Duke.  The Freshman turned an 11 game college career into the #1 pick overall.

#2 Minnesota Timberwolves – SF Derrick Williams Arizona.  Probably the safest pick out there.

#3 Utah Jazz – C Enes Kanter Turkey by way of Ohio St…well kind of…he was banned from playing any college ball due to all the money he made playing professionally in Turkey.  The only way he could have made more money would have been playing for John Calipari.  He also wants to be a WWE wrestler some day.

#4 Cleveland Cavaliers F Tristan Thompson Texas.  The 2nd of Cleveland’s 2 lottery picks and the highest Canadian draft pick ever.  I guess this means he gets a cameo in Bryan Adams’ next music video.

#5 Toronto Raptors F/C Jonas Valanciunas Europe.  Toronto drafted a foreigner?  Wait what?

#6 Washington Wizards F Jan Vesely.  The Dunking Ninja.  Yeah I don’t know where these guys are from or what position they play.  I’m pretty much just guessing.

#7 Charlotte Bobcats Bismack Boyumbo. Allegedly 18 years old.  At least writing these names is a little better than having to actually pronounce them.

#8 Detroit Pistons PG Brandon Knight Kentucky.  I had no problem spelling this guy’s name!  I wonder if he made more than Enes Kanter last season??

#9 Charlotte Bobcats G Kemba Walker UCONN. The hero of the NCAA tournament and National Champs.

#10 Sacramento Kings Jimmer Fredette G BYU.  Probably the most controversial pick in this year’s draft.

#11 Golden State Warriors F Klay Thompson Washington St. Son of former Portland Trail Blazers #1 overall pick in 1978 Mychal Thompson.

#12 Utah Jazz G Alec Burks  Colorado

#13 Phoenix Suns F Markieff Morris Kansas

they look ready for the Green Room

#14 Houston Rockets Marcus Morris F Kansas.  Yeah they’re twins.  But who is the Mom happier for?  You know she liked one better than the other.

#15 Indiana Pacers F Khawi Leonard San Diego St later traded to the Spurs in the George Hill deal.  (See below).

#16 Philadelphia 76ers F Nikola Vujevic USC

#17 New York Knicks F/G Iman Shumpert Georgia Tech

#18 Washington Wizards G Chris Singleton Florida St

#19 Charlotte Bobcats PF Tobias Harris Tennessee

#20 Minnesota Timberwolves Donatus Motiejanus Lithuania.  Unfortunately he was involved in a trade so I will have to write that name again.

#21 Portland Trail Blazers G Nolan Smith Duke.  Why can’t everyone be named Nolan Smith?  I would be done by now.

#22 Denver Nuggets F Kenneth Faried Moorehead St.  Newark’s own.

#23 Houston Rockets SF Nikola Mirotic Serbia

#24 Oklahoma City Thunder PG Reggie Jackson Boston College.

Keep him away from the Queen!

#25 Boston Celtics G Marshon Brooks Providence.  Traded to NJ Nets for #27 pick..but I won’t ruin that for you, you have to keep reading.

#26 Dallas Mavericks SF Jordan Hamilton Texas.  You may have heard Dallas won the NBA Title…can’t remember who they beat though..hmmm…guess it wasn’t a big story.  Oh..and Hamilton got traded to Denver.

#27 New Jersey Nets F JuJuan Johnson Purdue.  Traded to Celtics for #25 pick Marshon Brooks.

#28 Chicago Bulls PG Norris Cole Cleveland State

#29 San Antonio Spurs PG Cory Joseph Texas

#30 Chicago Bulls SF Jimmy Butler Marquette.  They could make a movie about his life and it would be the basketball equivalent of The Blind Side.


#31 Miami Heat SF Bojan Bogdanovic Bosnia

#32 Cleveland Cavaliers PF Justin Harper Richmond

#33 Detroit Pistons SF Kyle Singler Duke

#34 Washington Wizards PG Shelvin Mack Butler

#35 Sacramento Kings SF Tyler Honeycutt UCLA

#36 New Jersey Nets C Jordan Williams Maryland

#37 LA Clippers Trey Thompkins PF Georgia

#38 Washington Wizards SF Chandler Parsons Florida

#39 Charlotte Hornets Jeremy Tyler PF Japan.  Tyler famously left high school after his junior year to try to play overseas and improve his draft stock.  Instead of working out like Brandon Jennings it backfired on him.

#40 Minnesota Timberwolves PF Jon Lever Wisconsin

#41 LA Lakers PG Darius Morris Michigan

#42 Indiana Pacers SF Davis Bertans Latvia

#43 Chicago Bulls PG Malcolm Lee UCLA

#44 Golden State Warriors SG Charles Jenkins Hofstra

#45 Charlotte Hornets C Josh Harrellson Kentucky.  Pick sold to NY Knicks.

#46 LA Lakers SG Andrew Goudelack College of Charleston

#47 LA Clippers SG Travis Leslie Georgia

#48 Atlanta Hawks C Keith Benson Oakland

#49 Memphis Grizzlies PG Josh Selby Kansas

#50 Philadelphia 76ers PF Lavoy Allen Temple

#51 Portland Trail Blazers G Jon Diebler THE Ohio St University

#52 Detroit Pistons PF Vernon Macklin Florida

#53 Orlando Magic SG DeAndre Liggins Kentucky

#54 Cleveland Cavaliers PF Milan Macuan Serbia

#55 Boston Celtics SG E’Twaun Moore Purdue

#56 LA Lakers PF Chokwudiebere Maduabum Nigeria.  It’s a Nigerian Nightmare to try to pronounce his name.

#57 Dallas Mavericks SF Targuy Njombo Parts Unknown.  He ended up getting traded to Portland anyway.

#58 LA Lakers PF Ater Majok

#59 San Antonio Spurs SG Adam Hanga Hungary

#60 Sacramento Kings PG Isaiah Thomas Washington.  Yeah not THAT PG Isiah Thomas…

Now let’s try to wrap our brains around some of the trades….


Portland gets PG Raymond Felton from Denver & pick #57 Targuy Njombo from Dallas.

Denver gets PG Andre Miller from Portland & pick #26 Jordan Hamilton from Dallas & a future 2nd rounder from Portland.

Dallas gets G Rudy Fernandez from Portland & the rights to 2007 draft pick Petteri Koponen.


Charlotte gets #7 pick Bismack Byombo from Sacramento & SF Corey Maggette from Milwaukee.

Milwaukee gets #19 pick Tobias Harris from Charlotte, F Stephen Jackson from Charlotte, PG Shaun Livingston from Charlotte & PG Beno Udrih from Sacramento.

Sacramento gets #10 pick Jimmer Fredette & G/F John Salmons from Milwaukee.


Houston gets PG Jonny Flynn from Minnesota, #20 pick Donatos Motiejanus from Minnesota & #38 Chandler Parsons.  Plus this trade was just updated to add a Minnesota 2012 2nd rounder due to injury concerns about Flynn’s hip.

Minnesota gets C Brad Miller, pick #23 Nikola Mirotic, pick #28 Norris Cole & a 2013 1st rounder.

Chicago gets the rights to #23 Nikola Mirotic.

The Pacers get F George Hill & the rights to 2005 2nd round pick Erazam Lorbek.  The Spurs get pick #15 Kawhi Leonard & pick #43 Davis Bertans.

The Nets get pick #25 Marshon Brooks.  The Celtics get pick #27 JuJuan Johnson & a 2014 2nd rounder.


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