UFC 131 Results

Posted: June 12, 2011 by frankthetank44 in MMA, Sports
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#1 Heavyweight Contender spot on the line

UFC 131 rolled into the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Saturday night. As of yesterday, the event hadn’t sold out yet, probably because it was on the weekend that the Stanley Cup Finals were going on. Just the night before, the Canucks beat the Bruins in Game 5 to go up 3-2 in the series. The weigh-ins schedule for Friday night were moved to the Jack Poole Plaza. UFC President Dana White had this to say, “The thing about coming up to Canada is, people love their hockey up here,” White said. “It’s the only thing everybody cares about. It’s part of this culture. They’ve treated us so well up here and I feel we’re the No. 2 sport [in Canada] behind hockey. When they have their championship going on, I absolutely respect that 100 percent.”

Let’s start with the prelims broadcast live on Spike.  A middleweight bout between Canadian Jess “The Water” Bongfeldt & American Chris Weidman.  Weidman is a 2-time All-American in wrestling from Hofstra who beat UFC vets Phil Davis & Ryan Bader in college.  First off, announcer Bruce Buffer messes up the refs name!  Well it’s isn’t a very easy one…Jerin Lavel…Bruce called him Valel.  Anyway, it’s early.  Lots of blood on the mat BTW…that’s always a good sign!  Weidman gets the Submission of the Night with a standing guillotine at 4:54 of the 1st round.  That’s right…Bongfeldt was 6 seconds away from getting out of the round.

2nd preliminary fight is a Lightweight bout.  Canadian Sam “Hands of Stone” Stout vs Yves Edwards from Austin, Texas.  Stout actually hails from London, Ontario, Canada and 3 of his last 4 fights earned him Fight of the Night bonuses.  Edwards is a 34 year old thug-jitsu master.  This one ends in a highlight you will be seeing for years to come.  Stout HUGE KO with left hook in 3:52 of the 1st round.  Edwards was out before he hit the ground and his head bounced off the mat.  His eyes were open while he was laying there with his legs shaking, pretty scary stuff.  He was still down and finally just after the post-fight interview with Joe Rogan he was up.  I would imagine that won Knockout of the Night.

Bonus preliminary fight is a Heavyweight scrap between The Mexicutioner Joey Beltran and Aaron Rosa.  This kinda reminds me of the fatties that show up in Bellator’s Heavyweight division.  During the first round it’s easy to see why they chose to air this dark match.  It’s a total slugfest with both men standing in the pocket & exchanging punches to the face.  There were at least 3 amazing flurries in the first round alone.  Human Rock Em Sock Em Robots is what Joe Rogan called it.  No bobbing or weaving here.  In the 2nd Round Beltran connects with a vicious knee to the nuts, knee to the unprotected face as he falls combo.  The ref actually called for the doctor at this point, not sure what that was about.  Turns out it was for the knee to the head, not the jewels.  Although Rosa might have been thinking the same thing I did because as soon as he heard DOCTOR he was ready to go back at it.  A minute later Rosa returns the favor during a flurry against the cage.  It’s OK, Beltran deserved it.  Of course at the end of the 2nd round Beltran lands a shot just after the bell.  3rd round starts off with some grappling with Beltran getting a takedown, but Rosa getting up against the fence and then gets taken down again.  Beltran unloads on some vicious ground & pound with fists & elbows.  A nasty cut over the left eye opens up and the ref jumps in.  Joey Beltran by TKO in 1:26 of Round 3.

Now it’s time for the Pay Per View to start.  They show the green guys famous for their antics at Canucks games in the front row in their Vancouver jerseys.

Lightweight fight between “Cowboy” Donald Cerrone & Vagner Rocha.  Rocha is making his UFC debut.  In the 1st round Cerrone is destroying him with leg kicks.  Rocha wants no part of this and keeps attempting takedowns, but fails.  The one time he gets the take down, Cerrone gets right back up.  It’s apparent Rocha is one-dimensional as a BJJ black belt.  In the 2nd round Rocha starts off noticably limping, and Cerrone shows no mercy by attacking his leg with more vicious leg kicks.  Rocha is clearly frustrated as his shots keep getting stuffed.  He even tries switching to southpaw to try to hid his damaged leg.  In between the 2nd & 3rd round Rocha’s corner attempts to ice his thigh.  In the 3rd round the mismatch continues as Rocha’s desperate takedown attempts are getting worse.  The only drama is whether Cerrone will finish him by leg kicks or not.  Cerrone didn’t end up finishing him, but Rocha couldn’t stand up afterwards either.  Unanimous decison win for Cerrone 30-27, 30-27, 30-26.

Next is a couple of heavyweights making their UFC debuts.  “The Viking” John Olav Einemo vs Dave “Pee Wee” Herman.  During the pre-fight interview, Herman says he doesn’t think jsu-jitsu works.  Interesting…we’ll have to see if he eats his words as Einemo is a well-respected BJJ black belt out of the same camp as Strikeforce HW champ and all-around bad ass Allistair Overeem.  Herman comes out to Boy George’s “Do you really want to hurt me?” The crowd is not happy.  At all.  I haven’t heard so many boos since the 1999 NFL draft.  Einemo walks out to “Sweet Child of Mine” by Guns & Roses.  While not a personal favorite of mine, the crowd pops as if they’ve just shown a picture of Bret “The Hit Man” Hart on the big screen.  Einemo is 6’6″ 261 & Herman is 6’4″ 233.  Einemo hasn’t fought since 2006, but he does have a 4 inch reach advantage.  The Viking comes out and shoots for the takedown right away.  Pee Wee wrestled collegiately at Indiana.  The Viking gets the takedown and moves right into side control, but Pee Wee gets back to his feet.  The Viking also nails a takedown very late in the round, but as the bell sounds Pee Wee reverses it.  Interesting during the fight how Pee Wee almost looks amused, like he has a smile on his face.  Even when he’s getting hit.  Now in the 2nd round the action gets a little crazy and it’s pretty hard to describe.  Pee Wee eats a big knee and loses his mouthpiece.  Pee Wee then eats another one and backpedals..but still has his wits about him somewhat.  He fights back and it goes back and forth and both are looking pretty tired.  Pee Wee gets pushed against the cage but lands a knee that rocks The Viking and then a left hook that puts him down.  He carefully executes some ground & pound b/c he still respects The Viking’s jsu-jitsu and gets the finish.  Dave “Pee Wee” Herman by TKO 3:19 of 2nd round.

Still can’t get used to seeing a promo for the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix on Showtime during a UFC PPV.  Next up a Middleweight clash between the Phillipino Wrecking Machine Mark Munoz & Damien Maia.  Munoz is a former NCAA wrestling champ from Oklahoma St who runs his own gym and people flock to work with him.  I’m not talking about young kids and old people here…guys in the UFC go there to be trained in wrestling by him.  The Axe Murderer and the Nogeira brothers are among his “students”.  The fight starts and Maia has surprising standup!  He actually rocks Munoz and has him bewildered the entire first round.  Maia looks much stronger, his physique even changed.  The 2nd round starts out like a slugfest (??)  Is this a wrestler vs one of the best BJJ practitioners in the sport?  Munoz actually locks in a darce choke..but he loses it…and then ends up on the bottom.  The LAST place he wants to be.  But he does a great job getting out of it.  Maia ends up going for a couple takedowns gets stuffed and then pulls guard.  Munoz tries to land bombs while being sure to maintain his posture.  He is actually landing some really hard punches to Maia’s exposed rib & thigh.  Brutal!  I’d say Munoz took the 2nd round to make it even at 1-1 going into the 3rd & final round.  Munoz starts it off with an awkward hug that Maia had no idea what the hell was going on.  Munoz gets a takedown, but Maia gets back up.  Munoz attempts another, is stuffed.  They scramble against the cage and Maia gets his back..then turns it into a very dangerous looking crucifix.  He goes for the choke, but Munoz is able to lock his hands up and spin out of trouble.  It ends up a Unanimous Decision win for Mark Munoz.  29-28, 29-28, & 30-27.  Very entertaining fight.

Now it’s time for the Featherweight debut of Kenny “KenFlo” Florian vs Diego “The Gun” Nunes.  Kenny is the first fighter ever to fight in 4 different weight classes.  Nunes is a teammate of UFC Featherweight Champ Jose Aldo.  Florian trains at the Tri-Star gym in Canada with Welterweight Champ GSP.  He is originally from Boston so he wore a Bruins jersey to the weigh ins.  I guess we know who the heel is in this fight.  Before the fight even starts the crowd starts chanting, “Go Canucks Go!”  Once the fight starts it changes to “Boston Sucks” and I’m feeling right at home.  Kenny shoots for a takedown but it gets stuffed.  Nunes gets a takedown, Kenny throws some of his patented elbows, then scrambles back to his feet.  The “BOSTON SUCKS” chant starts again.  Nunes is now bleeding from his ear.  He gets taken down by Kenny but gets up again.  Then with 8 seconds left he lands a punch and knocks Kenny down.  Can’t capitalize though.  2nd round…Kenny’s takedown gets stuffed.  Then Nunes takes Kenny down.  Florian starts with the vicious elbows from the bottom again.  Back to their feet and Kenny gets the takedown.  Now Nunes is leaving puddles from a cut on the back of his head.  Kenny continues the ground & pound until the round ends.  Nunes looks exhausted and wobbly walking back to his corner.  I have it 1-1 now.  Round 3 – Kenny looks like the fresher fighter, so much for the drastic weight cut affecting him.  He gets an easy takedown and immediately starts throwing hard body punches.  Nunes looks worn out.  More ground & pound from Kenny.  Now he moves to side control.  Tries to take his back but loses it and Nunes escapes to his feet.  Last minute of the fight Nunes is charging forward trying to make something happen.  Kenny gets caught with a right hand with 6 seconds left and goes down to one knee.  That’s the fight, I say 2-1 KenFlo.  The judges’ scorecards read : 29-28, 29-28, 30-27 for the winner by Unanimous Decision Kenny Florian.

As we prepare for the main event of the evening and they show Laura Prepon in the crowd.  Doesn’t look like she was expecting to be seen, she actually looks like she was hiding.  Or going out grocery shopping on a Sunday morning.  You don’t see many baseball caps on the red carpet.  Strikeforce Lightweight Champion and recent guest on ESPN’s MMA Live, Gilbert Melendez was cageside with his buddy Jake Shields.

Here we go, a heavyweight matchup of two 12-1 fighters.  Shane Carwin vs Junior “Cigano” Dos Santos.  Not sure what that nickname means in Brazil, but it sounds like a race horse to me.  Cain Velazquez at ringside.  Dos Santos comes out to the Rocky theme.  Dos Santos 6’3″ 239, Carwin 6’2″ 254.  He actually looks leaner than his last fight against Brock.  At the bell no action until 30 seconds in when Carwin shoots for a single leg.  He pushed JDS against the cage, then they separate.  Both men respected the others’ power.  Carwin then gets the takedown, but JDS gets right back up.  JDS has a sharp jab that keeps finding a home on Carwin’s face.  Carwin gets caught, goes down.  JDS lands repeated and I mean REPEATED punches down on him.  He even pauses to look at Herb Dean and asks if he’s going to stop it.  Dean gives Carwin the same respect Brock got in their fight.  Finally JDS looks to be punched out as Carwin blocked some of them and they both end up standing.  JDS doesn’t throw another punch the rest of the round and Carwin looks like Ric Flair after a steel cage match.  In between rounds they tell him not to blow his nose because it’s broken.  That would cause your eyes to swell up, and then he’d really be in trouble.  2nd round it looks like he has his bearings back, but JDS still looks much smoother standing.  He starts working the body now, and then lands a big head kick right to Carwin’s ear.  And he doesn’t flinch.  WOW!  Not a lot of action in the 2nd round.  It was close.  3rd round starts with a Carwin takedown, but JDS fights his way back to his feet without taking any strikes.  That jab is killing Carwin, JDS is too quick with it.  They stop the fight with a minute left for a Dr to check the cuts.  Nothing impeding his vision so it continues.  He looks a mess though.  His wife can’t watch.  JDS gets a takedown, but Carwin gets right back up.  Then with 10 seconds left JDS gets ANOTHER takedown.  Carwin reverses it at the bell.  He’s a bloody mess.  JDS doesn’t have a scratch on him.  Junior Dos Santos by Unanimous Decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-26.  In the post-fight interview with Joe Rogan they bring UFC Heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez into the ring and officially announce the title fight.


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