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Season 13 of UFC’s The Ultimate fighter comes to a close tonight as Ramsey Nijem takes on colossal douchebag Tony Ferguson to see who Dana White gives the six-figure contract to. The c0-main event is a matchup between UFC vet Clay Guida and the last man to hold the WEC Lightweight Championship belt, Anthony Pettis.

We start of the night with TUF semi-finalists Chris Cope (4-2)and Chuck O’Neil (8-4) stepping into the octagon to face each other. There were no huge strikes landed in the first but both fighters landed a few with Cope landing the more impressive strikes, particularly slighty after the half way mark he stunned O’Neil with a solid left hook. He seemed to gain a lot of confidence after that strike. Cope takes the first round 10-9.

The second round was much of the same, again lacking in huge strikes but Cope won out on quantity. Cope 10-9 again. In the third you could really see the difference. Cope came out as fresh as he did in the first and O’Neil was clearly tired. With about a minute and a half left Cope lands a nice spinning backfist and O’Neil never really had any offense. Cope takes this fight by unanimous decision. WOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Our next fight is a light heavyweight battle and it features season 8 contestant Kyle Kingsbury (10-2, 1 NC) taking on Fabio Maldonado (18-3) who has won 11 in a row. Kingsbury was in control early in the first before Maldonado took over and at one point almost had a submission. Kingsbury started with some great clinch work but Maldonado countered any strikes with blows to the body that forced Kingsbury to back off. I’d give the first to Maldonado 10-9.

Kingsbury gained some ground in the second. He got solid knees off while in the clinch and scored a few takedowns though nothing came from them but they should get him some points from the judges. Kingsbury takes round two 10-9.

Maldonado leads off the third with some jabs that end up damaging Kingsbury’s left eye which swells shut by mid-round. Kingsbury did manage to get some shots in a score a takedown before loosing that left eye. With about a minute and a half left the fighters tangle and wind up on the ground with Maldonado on top but neither fighter does anything and the ref stands them up. Kingsbury’s eye is disgusting right now. He scores a few knees before the end of the round but Maldonado scores a takedown right at the end. Tough round to call. The judges must have seen it for Kingsbury as wins the unanimous decision 29-28.

Our third fight sees the UFC return of TUF season 3 finalist Ed Herman (17-7) as he takes on season 7 contestant Tim Credeur (13-5) in a middleweight bout. It didn’t take long for Herman to show why he deserves another shot in the UFC. 45 seconds into the fight Herman drops Credeur with a right upper cut and reigns a few more punches down on him before Herb Dean calls the fight. Herman wins by TKO at 48 seconds into the first round.

Next up is the battle between Clay Guida (28-8) and Anthony Pettis (11-1) in a lightweight fight.  Guida as usual did not stop moving the entire round. He managed to take Pettis down twice and kept active with strikes and even lunging his shoulder into Pettis’ face. Pettis did well off his back but the majority of the action came from Guida. Guida 10-9.

Pettis lands a few good jabs to start off the second before Guida scores another takedown where he does more work with his shoulders. The fighters get back to their feet and spend some time against the cage before separating. Pettis tries an innovative back-kick but Guida just steps aside and Pettis hits only the cage. With under a minute left Guida gets another big takedown. Pettis tries for a triangle but Guida just has too much movement. Pettis locks in an armbar in the closing seconds but Guida breaks out as the round ends. 10-9 Guida.

In the third Guida lands a great right and grabs Pettis for another takedown. Guida works from the top and works his way into half-guard while fighting off any attempt from Pettis to lock in a submission. The fighter’s get to their feet and Guida tries to bring Pettis back down but winds up on the bottom. Pettis quickly maneuvers and takes Guida’s back with about 80 seconds left in the fight but Guida works his way out from underneath and then takes top control.  What a great move! The round ends with Guida on Pettis’ back. Guida should win this 30-27 and the judges agree. Post fight Guida campaigns for a shot at the winner of the Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard title fight.

The final fight of the night is up as Ramsey Nijem (5-1) takes on Tony Ferguson (11-2) to see who is crowned the latest champion of the Ultimate Fighter. Tonight’s fun fact, Nijem has been training with the past two TUF winners, Court McGee and Jonathan Brookins while Ferguson spent the time after the filming of the show training at Brock Lesnar’s Deathclutch camp. Ferguson starts off taking a few punches before scoring a takedown. He spends some time in half-guard before the fighters scramble and are back on their feet. Nijem starts throwing before Ferguson ties him up to slow him down. Separated and back in the middle of the octagon, the fighters spend some time feeling each other out. Nijem connects with a few more flurries but with about a minute left Ferguson clocks Nijem with a stiff left hook and follows up with a right bomb but Nijem was out before that. Tony Ferguson wins by KO and is the Ultimate Fighter season 13 winner.

We get some bonus action from the undercard as we get to see Scotty Jorgenson take on Ken Stone in a bantamweight match-up. In the first we see Jorgenson takedown Stone around the 3 minute mark. Stone tries for a triangle but Jorgenson wriggles out of it. From the guard, Jorgenson starts throwing bombs down on Stone and the ref steps in to end it. Replay shows Stone was KTFO after the first right. Jorgenson wins by KO at 4:01 of the first.

Another bonus fight as we featherweight action between Josh Grispi and George Roop. Grispi ties up Roop and takes him to the ground. He works to side control then switches to a guillotine attempt. The fighters are on their feet briefly before Grispi gets Roop down again and works his way to full mount. Roop manages to escape again and get back to his feet. This whole time Roop has been landing great elbows and punches while being tied up. Grispi presses forward but keeps running into Roops strikes. Roop gets control and scores a takedown and hammers down strikes to end the round. I’d say Roop wins 10-9 based on his striking in the defense.

Roop starts off the second round with a front kick to Grispi’s stomach which sends him to the mat. Roop works his ground and pound for the rest of the round. Roop wins this one 10-9.

In the third, Grispi manages a takedown and the fighters scramble for a bit till they’re up against the cage. After a while the ref stands them up. There’s a time-out taken as a kick to the thighs by Roop may have caught part of Grispi’s cup. When we start back up, Roop starts pressing the action and lands a huge right hook to the gut that sends Grispi down to the mat and Herb Dean calls the fight. Roop gets the TKO victory at 3:14 of the third round.

That’s it for tonight.


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