NBA Finals Preview

Posted: May 30, 2011 by frankthetank44 in basketball, Sports
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Big D vs The Big Three

Tuesday night at 9:00 EST on ABC the Dallas Mavericks will take on the Miami Heat at the American Airlines Arena. That’s not to be confused with the American Airlines Center in Dallas which is hosting games 3, 4 & 5 (if necessary) in the 2-3-2 best of 7 format. Wait what? Yes..American Airlines owns the naming rights for both arenas.

This is a rematch of the 2006 NBA Finals in which the Mavs & Heat were both making their first ever Finals appearance.  The Mavericks had home court advantage in 2006 and swept the regular season series from the Heat.  They won the first 2 games at home, and then lost the next 4.  Like Macho Grande, those scars still run pretty deep for Mavs fans.  Although only Dwayne Wade, Udonis Haslem, Jason Terry & Dirk Nowitzki remain on their teams from 2006.

This season, the Mavs also swept the season series from Miami.  They won 106-95 on 11/27 in Miami and 98-96 12/20 in Dallas.  Now you’ll notice both of these games took place in 2010.  Carlos Arroyo was the starting PG for the Heat and this was before Caron Butler’s serious injury for the Mavs.  As you know, the regular season is meaningless at this point.  The Bulls & Celtics were a combined 6-1 against the Heat in the regular season and then went 2-8 against them in the postseason.  The Heat actually had to win their last game of the season against Toronto to secure home court against the Mavs.  Miami won 58 regular season games and was the #2 seed in the East.  The Mavs won 57 regular season games and was the #3 seed in the West.

The Heat took out the Sixers in 5, the Celtics in 5 and the Bulls?  You guessed it…in 5.  Noted Sixer fan Bill Cosby was asked if he was rooting for Miami to win it all….

The Mavericks beat the Trail Blazers in 6, swept the Lakers 4 straight, and beat the Oklahoma City Thunder in 5.

This matchup boasts the best defensive team in the NBA playoffs (Heat) against the team with the most efficient offense (Mavs).  Miami & Dallas are the only 2 teams with winning records on the road in these playoffs.  The last time Dallas lost on the road this postseason was 4/23 @ Portland.  Miami is 8-0 at home this postseason.  Something’s got to give.    Since the NBA went to the 2-3-2 format in 1985 the team with the homecourt advantage has won 20 of 26 matchups.  Of course in 2006 Dallas had homecourt over Miami.

Some other intangibles to consider…Mavericks guard Jason Terry got a tattoo of the NBA Championship trophy BEFORE the season. He said he would get it removed if they didn’t win.

Also…Michael McDonald will be signing the National Anthem on Tuesday night.  The games will go in a Tues, Thurs, Sunday format.


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