Bellator Fighting Championship 42 Results

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Last week Bellator featured wins by Daniel Straus and Patricio “Pitbull” Freire advancing them both in the featherweight tournament. This week we have two fights in the light heavyweight tournament as Richard Hale tries to follow up his showstopping inverted triangle choke in the quarterfinals as he takes on D.J. Linderman. The other tournament fight features Tim Carpenter vs Christian M’Pumbu. In a non tournament featherweight match we get Ronnie Mann taking on Josh Arocho.

Before we begin it was announced this week that Pat Curran will drop down to 145lbs and enter into Bellator’s featherweight tournament which starts at Bellator 46 on June 25th. Also entering the tournament could be tonight’s fighter Ronnie Mann, The winner will take on champion Joe Warren who announced that fight will be his last at featherweight and he will drop down to bantamweight.

To start off the night we start off with a bantamweight fight from the undercard as Jerod Spoon (5-1-1) takes on Luis Nogueira (10-1). Both fighter come out and start slugging and kicking, each stunning each other but neither goes down. The fight slows down with each fighter taking some time to feel the other out. We get some solid legs kicks from Nogueira. He soon starts landing more of his punches and as Spoon backs towards the fence Nogueira lands a flying knee and gets Spoon running. He fails to capitalize though but still manages to work his leg kicks. With a little less that a minute and a half to go in the round Luis shoots in and gets Spoon to the ground but both fighters are back on their feet at the one minute mark. Spoon ends the round shooting in on his opponent and scoring the takedown but time runs out before he can do anything with it. Nogueria takes the round 10-9.

Spoon starts round 2 trying for another takedown but is unsuccessful and both fighters instead end up exchanging some punches. The action comes in spurts as both fighters pick their moments to get closer to each other and move out before they absorb more damage than they deal. While both fighters have landed some solid shots neither guy went down in the round. I’d have to give this round to Nogueira 10-9 again with his round ending takedown and great combinations.

Nothing much changes in the 3rd round from the second. About 1:20 into the round Nogueira scores another takedown but Spoon manages to work his way back to his feet and the fighters get back to exchanging punches. At just under two minutes, Spoon gets hit with another flying knee and Nogueira continues to take the points on the scorecard. Spoon does get a quick takedown with 2 minutes left but looses it right away and both fighters are standing up again. With 40 seconds left one last takedown by Nogueira for added measure. Nogueira takes the round 10-9 and the fight 30-27.

One judge saw it that way, the other two judges saw Nogueira winning it 29-28. Up next is light heavyweight tournament action with Tim Carpenter (7-0) vs Christian M’Pumbu (19-3-1).

From the beginning of the round Carpenter is pressing forward but M’Pumbu does more damage keeping distance and landing good leg kicks. With two minutes gone in the round M’Pumbu steps up and nails Carpenter with a right and as Carpenter lowers his head M’Pumbu throws another right to send him to the mat for the knockout. M’Pumbu is moving on to the finals.

Before we get to our last semi-final tournament action we have the non tournament featherweight fight between Josh Arocho (16-9) and the Brit Ronnie Mann (18-2-1) making his Bellator debut. About a minute into the round Arocho scores a takedown but Mann is able to sweep around him and once on his feet takes Arocho down and gets in half guard to lands elbows and punches to Arocho’s face. Arocho has closed guard but it isn’t stopping Mann for hammering him with strikes. There is a cut on Arocho’s forehead from the strikes but it’s not flowing much yet. Mann keeps it up for the rest of the round and takes it 10-9.

The second round begins with Arocho sporting not only a cut on his forehead but growing welts under each eye. Not much action till a minute and a hlf in when Arocho goes for a takedown but Mann sprawls and turns it into a takedown for himself. More ground and pound to the body and head of Arocho. Again Mann keeps on top for the rest of the round and Wheelock speculates the ring side doctor might take a close look at Arocho’s eyes in between rounds. Mann with another 10-9 round.

Apparently Arocho can see fine as the 3rd round starts. Before we’re even a minute into the round Mann stuffs another diving takedown and ends up on top of Arocho. He quickly moves into a crucifix and goes for an Americana but is unable to lock it in. He does maintain top position and continues to punish with strikes. Mann soon gets himself in the north south position and goes for an inverted triangle but Arocho slithers out of it. Mann finishes the 3rd round the same as the first two. Dominante win 30-27.

One judge sees total domination and gives it to Mann 30-25 while the other two judges give him the win at 30-27. We get another undercard fight before our scheduled tournament fight. This one is at a catchweight of 190lbs and features Chris Bell vs Jared Hess.

Before we’re even a minute into the first round Hess and tried for three takedowns and has gotten none. Bell gets Hess against the fence and scores a takedown but it’s not long before Hess locks in a triangle and continues to tighten it. Bell taps out at 1:40. This is Hess’ first fight since returning for a knee injury in his semi-final middleweight fight in Bellator’s second season.

The final fight of the night is to find out which light heavyweight advances to the finals to take on Christian M’Pumbu. Will it be DJ Linderman (9-1) or Rich Hale (16-3-1)?

Hale towers over Linderman and has about a 7 inch reach advantage though it doesn’t seem like Linderman realizes that as he is pushing forward and keeps landing some strikes as he gets in on Hale.  Linderman does have to lunge to get into his opponent and Hale is starting to counter this with constant kicks to DJ’s legs which are gonna start weakening. Neither fighter look great as technical fighters and as the first round winds down both look tired. Hale does manage to get some solid combinations in with a few seconds remaining but I’m not sure who won this round. Neither fighter did anything fantastic. Jimmy Smith gives it 10-9 to Linderman because he kept pressing forward and controlled more of the action.

Second round begins and right off the bat Linderman nails a spinning backfist and Hale is stumbling, Hale is able to get a slam out of it but the fighters are both quickly back on their feet. At 1:20 we get a time out as Hale nails Linderman in the junk with a left knee. The ref rules it as accidental. Both fighters are starting to show swelling on their faces and as we approach the 3 minute mark they start firing off kicks at each other with Hale targeting the legs and Linderman targeting the body. Despite all the kicks Linderman continues to press the action and lands some solid shots with Hale countering. With under a minute left both men put everything they have into every punch but neither fighter goes down. Linderman takes this one too 10-9. Smith says he wouldn’t be surprised if a judge calls those rounds for Hale though.

At 40 seconds into the 3rd Linderman shoots for a takedown but fails. He continues to grasp Hale though and keep him against the cage. Some knees are exchanged. With Linderman still grabbing onto Hale, he tries to lift him again but falls to his back and Hale lands in full guard. FAIL!!!  Linderman turns to avoid punches and gives Hale his back. Hale works to get the rear naked choke locked in a few times but Linderman keeps moving and prevents him from letting him lock it in. We end the round with Hale still on Linderman’s back landing some punches. This round is definitely Hale’s 10-9.

The first judge score the fight 29-28 for Linderman, the nest judge scores it 29-28 for Hale. The last judge scores it 29-28 for Hale. Rich Hale moves onto the finals.

That’s it for tonight. Next week it looks like Bellator is taking the week off and recap the tournaments to date and previewing the finals. So we’ll see you in two weeks.

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