The Ultimate Fighter Episode 3 – Chicken Salad Baby!

Posted: April 13, 2011 by ksteets in MMA, Sports, TV
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To recap last week, Team dos Santos lost Keon when he decided he’d rather see his daughter than train with a top ranked fighter and earn a chance to be a professional fighter. Who will replace him this week? The fight featured Team Lesnar’s Chris Cope defeating Javier Torres giving Team Lesnar the fight pick.

We start with the fighters on Team Lesnar a bit upset over Brock’s “chicken shit” comments. Trying to clarify himself, Brock pulls the team aside and reminds them that they need to stay motivated and focus on winning.

As Team dos Santos starts up, we find out Justin Edwards has joined the team. Everyone notes that he looks like a small version of Randy Couture. Meanwhile, assistant coach Lew Polley picks up where he left off last week and acts like he’s the star of the show and running the camp. Ramsey Nijem questions if Lew was pushing them too hard after Shemar suffers a cut while working on his wrestling. dos Santos lets the team know yelling and basically being a total choad isn’t his style. He wants the guys to win but also be nice. Ryan McGillivray says he’s Canadian, they’re always nice. Sheila Brofslovski disagrees.

At fight selection Brock announces his #1 pick Len Bentley will step up and fight Ryan McGillivray who was Junior’s #2 pick. Brock states he wanted Len to get in the cage because it seemed like he was backing away and if he didn’t fight soon it could get worse.

Back at the house the guys on Team Lesnar think that Chris Cope hangs with the other team too much. Len speculates he talks strategy with them and he doesn’t trust him. Chuck O’Neil calls him “The Investigator”. At training Len pulls Brock aside and asks not to discuss the game plan in front of Cope. Brock makes a note of it but tells Len that he can’t be thinking of that stuff and to focus on training and the fight.

Back with Team dos Santos, Junior puts on his big boy pants and tells Lew to chill out, Junior brought him in to teach wrestling but this is definitely Juniors team. Lew seems to understand and says he’ll back off. They check Ryan’s weight and he’s currently at 180 lbs so he needs to drop 10 lbs before the fight. Junior and Lew get Ryan home and with some concoction of epsom slat and what looked like hand soap stick him in the bathtub to sweat it off.

The weight loss remedy worked because both fighters weigh in at 170 lbs and are ready for the fight. Brock lets Len know due to personal issue he won’t be able to make the fight but does make it a point to call him before he heads off to the octagon. Dana shows up at the training center and brings in Mauricio “Shogun” Rua to the locker rooms to meet the fighters.

Round one starts off with Len pressing the action and 30 seconds in he lands a shot and drops Ryan. Len takes the top and manages to work some ground and pound for a while, getting in some good punches and solid elbows. I guess he felt like he was spending too much energy down there because he stands up and lets Ryan back to his feet. That proves to be a mistake because with just over two minutes left in the round Ryan drops Len and jumps down on him. The fighters counter a bit and Len goes for an armbar but Ryan manages to escape. He soon has a guillotine attempt and it looks to be pretty tight but time runs out in the round and Shogun wonders to Dana who won the round. Dana doesn’t know either.

Round 2 sees less time on the ground but some good stand-up from both fighters. Heavy punches and jabs were landed on both but no one made it to the ground until Ryan was able to get Len down, if only for a few seconds, around the 3 minute mark. While getting the fight back to the feet, Len did mange to get some good knees to the body. However, after the fighters seperated, and with 30 seconds left, it seemed like Ryan was dictating the action.

The results are in and the judges rule it a majority decision for Ryan (19-19, 20-19, 20-19). Dana expresses how much he liked the fight, saying both guys impressed him. Later in the training center he gets Len to the side and tells him to jeep his head up, he has nothing to be ashamed about in that fight and to stay ready because anything can happen.

Next week Matt Hughes stops by to wrestle with Team Lesnar and Ramsey prances around naked in the house making the other fighters wonder if he’s here for the right reasons.


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