Bellator Fighting Championship 40 results

Posted: April 10, 2011 by ksteets in MMA, Sports
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Tonight the Bellator Fighting Championship comes to us live from the First Council Casino in Newkirk, Ohio. The main card tonight only features three fights due to the featherweight match-up between Ronnie Mann and Josh Arocho has been cancelled due to Mann’s visa problems.

The main event features welterweight champion Ben Askren taking on former BoDog welterweight champion Nick Thompson in a non-title superfight. Askren won Bellator’s season 2 welterweight tournament and in season 3 defeated champ Lyman Good to win the title. Thompson comes in with a record of 38-13-1 win victories over Eddie Alvarez, Josh Neer and Paul Daley. However he has lost his last 3 fights to Tim Kennedy, Dan Hornbuckle and Taisuke Okuno.

The featured tournament fights tonight are the welterweight semi-final matchup between tourney favorite Jay Hieron who has not lost in the last 3 years against Brent Weedman who took down Bellator fan favorite Dan Hornbuckle in the first round to advance to the semi’s. In lightweight tournament action we have Michael Chandler vs Lloyd “Cupcake” Woodard who is coming off a 46 second TKO victory over Greg Jackson trained Carey Vanier.

First fight is the 11-0 Woodard vs the 6-0 Chandler. As the fight starts both men come out swinging with Chandler landing some quality jabs pushing Woodard back before “Cupcake” lands a nice knee and wrap Chandler up. Chandler however takes the reigns and body slams Woodard to the ground where he lands some rights to the side and tries to mount but Woodard is able to stand up. They weren’t on the feet for long before Chandler takes him down again and works for position to no avail and the fighters stand up. After a few exchanges Woodard is on his back again but Chandler is not doing anything on the ground. The fighters stand up again and another takedown resulting in a little ground and pound before the round ends. Although he didn’t do much when he was down there Chandler won this round 10-9 based on his four takedowns.

The second round starts and Chandler continues to use leaping punches to set up his takedowns but Woodard manages to avoid taking much damage. As Chandler goes for another takedown, Woodard does a great job defending it and lands a solid knee to the face as Chandler was crouched. The knee didn’t seem to slow Chandler down much as he keeps pressing forward but Woodard is starting to land more punches just as Chandler is able to take him down. Once again Chandler is complacent with just holding down Woodard and not doing much while on the ground. Woodard manages to stand up and land some punches before slamming his opponent down again. While on the ground Woodard tried for a kimura but was able to sweep Chandler and get his back as the fighters stood up. Woodard manages to get hooks in and tries to get a rear naked choke before finishing the round reigning punches down to Chandler’s face as the bell rings. Giving this one to Woodard based on his defense and his last minute work. 10-9 Lloyd Woodard.

We go to round three. This is the furthest Michael Chandler has gone in a fight but it doesn’t seem to be effective his energy as he counters some early leg kicks with a nice uppercut and a follow-up right. As the fighters grapple against the fence Woodard land a nice uppercut himself followed by a knee to the body before they separate. Chandler starts to hold Woodard against the fence and manages more takedowns, the second being a solid slam that brings he fight towards the middle of the cage. Woodard is looking tired, and Chandler starts some ground and pound landing solid punches the face and body but slows down and the ref stands them up. Woodard partially lands a headkick but gets taken down again that results in the fighters scrambling on the mat. Chandler ends to round working more ground and pound. Time to ice the “Cupcake” he is done. Chandler takes the 3rd round 10-9.

The judges agree and Chandler advances to the finals where he’ll take on Patricky “Pitbull” Freire to see who will get a shot and current champ Ben Askren.

The second fight we’re getting is one of the undercard featuring heavyweights Josh Burns (6-3) vs Eric Prindle (6-1). Wheelock let’s us know Burns is a 3-time Gold Gloves champ as has trained under Emanual Stewart. Prindle serves ten years in the Army and himself is also a boxer and won five All-Army boxing championships. Prindle gets bonus points from me for having Alice in Chains’ “The Rooster” playing on his webpage.  As big as both of these guys, are at 6’5″ Prindle seems to tower over the 5’11” Burns.

The first round is underway with both fighter trading punches and kicks before Prindle lands a shot to Burns’ nuts and we get a timeout to give Burns some time to walk it off. The blow was unintentional so no point will be deducted. We start back up and both guys are letting loose even if not all of the hits are landing, though as the round progresses Prindle is getting the better of the exchanges and Burns’ face is starting to show it. In the final minute Burns turns on the jets and lands some great punches and now blood is coming from Prindle’s face too. At the end of the round I’m giving it to Prindle 10-9 who landed better shots throughout the round but that late push by Burns could be trouble for Prindle.

The second round begins with another nutshot by Prindle! This time the ref is going to deduct one point from Prindle although he does acknowledge it was unintentional. After the time out, Bruns burst forward and lands more of the same that he ended round 1 with but the fight slows down. Burns tries for some takedowns but Prindle is just too big. Burns is breathing heavy and Pridle is starting to land jabs easily. Ending the round we get more Prindle punches landed and even a knee. Based on performance Prindle would win the round but he lost a point for the unintentional low blow so me and Jimmy Smith score the round 9-9.

Before the 3rd round starts, doctors are examining Burn’s left eye and calls for the stoppage. The fighters and the crowd are not happy. In all honestly I’ve seen worse injuries where the fights weren’t stopped. Josh Koscheck agrees.

"Guys, I think I need a nurse"

Between fights we get shots of Bellator ring girls Mercedes Terrell and Jade Pryce which would be great if MTV2 broadcast in HD. This goes for the fights too, obviously. Bellator puts on a great show week in and week out and it’s a shame they don’t get to broadcast it in Hi-Def.

Our third fight of the night features underdog Brent Weedman(19-5-1) vs. UFC and IFL vet Jay Hieron (20-4). The winner of this fight will earn a spot in the welterweight tournament finals against Rick “Goldie” Hawn.

The first major action on the round gives us a solid combo by Hieron but Weedman counter with a left that knocks Hieron down but not out. Weedman gets on top and works into full mount but Hieron manages to reverse position and works a darce choke but fails to finish Weedman off. Hieron maintains position and continues to try for the choke before concentrating on strikes instead. After a solid upkick by Weedman, Hieron get back on top and continues to switch between strikes and trying for the choke. Closing out the first round the fighters are back on their feet where Hieron lands a few good knees to the body. Hieron takes the round 10-9.

No huge action throughout most of the second round. Both fighter mixing it up between punches and kicks. Weedman seems to be pushing forward and a small knot is growing near Hieron’s right eye. The 2nd round ends and I see the scorecard tied as Weedman earns the 10 points in this round.

Weedman continues to be the aggressor in the third round and Hieron is forced to try for a takedown but lands himself right in a guillotine choke. A little scrambling and Hieron manages to escape but not before Weedman connects with a knee to his face. On their feet both fighters are landing punches but Weedman continues to push forward while Hieron keeps backpeddling. With less than 2 minutes left in the round, Weedman lands a kick that takes Hieron down to the mat where Weedman tries to take Hieron’s back. Hieron flips through but Weedman maintains control and gets full mount but looses it and Hieron is now on top but with only 30 seconds left there is not enough time for him to do any damage. I’m calling this round 10-9 for Weedman which gives him the upset win at 29-28.

Jimmy Smith agrees however the judges see it differently and give Hieron the win at 29-28. Weedman was robbed!

Our final fight of the night features welterweight champ Ben Askren in a non-title fight against experienced vet Nick Thompson. The first round starts with Thompson grazing Askren who slips down to the mat and Thompson jumps on top and starts working but Askren is a master on the ground and gets control and works his way to some choke attempts followed by some elbows to the face and knees to the side of Thompson. Askren reigns down some hammerfists and Thompson is scrambling but he doesn’t seem to have any answers for Askren’s ground game. This goes on for the rest of the round. We end with Askren taking it 10-9.

The second round starts and Askren closes in for a takedown right away and succeeds with a trip that takes the fighters down in the center of the cage. Askren continues to move and tries for a choke but doesn’t spend too long on it and goes back to striking from the mount. With just over a minute left Ben lands a slew of knees to Thompson’s ribs. The champ easily takes this one 10-9.

It takes 45 seconds for Askren to get Thompson back to the ground. Not much to say about this round except more absolute domination by Askren. With about 20 seconds left Thompson lands a few punches but it’s all over. Askren 30-27, two judges see it that way too but one judge actually gives it Askren at 30-26. I’m guessing it was that second round where Thompson did nothing at all.

That’s it for the night, next week Bellator returns with current featherweight champ Joe Warren taking on Marcus Galvao and bantamweight champ Zack Makovsky fighting Chad Robichaux. Also we get a featherweight tournament semi-final matchups between Patricio “Pitbull” Freire vs Wilson Reis and Daniel Straus vs. Kenny Foster.


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