The “Done” List

Posted: April 7, 2011 by ciftuation in Uncategorized
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The Done List would like to welcome Shaq. After missing 25 games due to a heel injury Shaq came back  on April 3rd, played 5 minutes and injured his other leg (calf).  The main reason the Celtics aquired him was for the playoff run. It doesn’t look like he will be able to perform at playoff level basketball. At this point I think that the Celtics would rather have a steady lineup and chemistry than test out the Shaq experiment once more.  If Shaq is unable to play in the post season it’s time to face reality and walk away.

 There’s a place in the  booth for Shaq with his charisma and charm.  He’ll no doubt be entertaining in his post basketball profession. A duo of Sir Charles and Shaq would be great (possible sitcom anyone!?!??) ,but the great Shaq I’m sorry to say is DONE!!!


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