The Ultimate Fighter? episode 2

Posted: April 6, 2011 by ksteets in MMA, Sports
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After a recap of week one’s events, we’re back in the UFC training center with Team dos Santos. Today’s training seems to be focused on cardio and seeing how far each fighter can be pushed. We see the guys running on the treadmills with gas masks on. With Junior still in control of picking the fights, he debates whether he wants to pick Javier or Ramsey to fight in the next fight.

One guy he won’t be picking to fight is Keon. Team dos Santos assistant coach Lew Polley says Keon has been mentally struggling and seems to be feeling left out. The coaching staff spends extra time to try to build him back up. We find out Keon is lagging behind because his mind “is where his family is at”. I can feel Dana on his way to the training center already.

We’re with Team Lesnar now, Brock hates to say it but he expected to loose the last fight. He’s just being honest, Randy Jackson agrees. 

"I just don't think you got any jiu jitsu dawg."

Most of his team is lacking in solid wrestling skills so that’s what they want to focus on, but “you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit”. We really do need this on a T-Shirt. “You can’t polish turds and make them look pretty.” Okay, now we need two T-shirts!

Back to Keon, still crying about missing his family and daughter. He tells Junior he wants to leave. Junior is shocked, “What, give up, give up?” Why does dos Santos sound French sometimes? Into the training center comes Dana White, “I’m looking for Keon.”

Keon tells Dana he’s missing his daughter. “Aren’t you here for your daughter? Do you want to be a professional fighter?” Keon decides to suck it up and give this a go. Good, now we can stop this nonsense.

Fight Announcement – dos Santos picks Javier Torres who does a spot on Speedy Gonzalez imitation. To fight him Junior picks Chris Cope, who Lew has trained with at Team Quest. “He hates being grinded against the cage, he hates wrestlers, he’s not good on his back.”  Polly continues to inform us Cope is a part-time fighter and he has so many glaring negatives. So Javier should run right through this guy, right?

Javier relates us a story of being kid a seeing a UFC video in a Mexican market and telling his mother he wants to be a fighter. He’s still doing that Speedy Gonzalez imitation, he refuses to break character! He’s like the Mexican Andy Kaufman.

"Here I come to save the day!"

Back at the training center with Team dos Santos where Lew is pushing Keon to his limits. At which point Keon decides to miss his family again and this time quits for real. White is glad it happened this early in the show so “we can get his out of here” and bring in someone who really wants to fight. Thus ends the MMA career of Keon Caldwell.

Seeming to lack confidence in Cope too, Brock gives his team a “pep talk” advising them that on any given sunday anyone can win.

It’s fight time, just waiting for the fight to start…….still waiting……still waiting. Okay, let’s put it this way, it wasn’t exciting. Lesnar called it a waltz. I would say that’s the best way I could describe it too. Two rounds of Javier clinching and pressing Cope against the fence. They switch position a few times. Get back to center ring. Rinse, repeat.

At the end of two rounds the judges scored it a draw. We’re going to sudden death. Now logic would say each fighter won a round, but I think the judges just couldn’t give points to either guy. So we’re in the 3rd round, a little less time against the fence. Must be because Javier is a bit tired. Stamina must score points with the judges because they score sudden death 10-9 for the winner, Chris Cope.

Back in the locker room Brock is happy, “CHICKEN SALAD OUT OF CHICKEN SHIT!”.

Does this smell normal to you?

In the other room, the mood is the exact opposite and assistant coach Lew Polley shows his skill as parent and takes the opportunity let the team know that they’re no good.

See you next week, hopefully we get to see a fight.


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