Ruling on NFL Lockout Could Take Weeks

Posted: April 6, 2011 by Football Buddah in Sports
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NFL Lockout Battle Continues in Court

The judge presiding over the NFL Players request to lift the lockout says it will take “a couple of weeks” to make her ruling, but has urged both the Players and Owners to get back together and resume their negotiations, to come to an agreement. Of course, she also said she’d be happy to help facilitate those negotiations too.

When Judge Susan Nelson finally does make her decision, she could take the players side, and lift the lockout, which would give us back the NFL.  Or, she could take the owners side, and the lockout will remain in place; at least until the National Labor Relations Board rules on the Owners claim, that the NFLPA’s decertification was nothing more than a sham to allow for this court litigation in the first place.  No matter what side the judge rules in favor for, I’m quite sure the other side will appeal, thus extending the legal battles, longer than any football fan would like.

The lockout was imposed by owners three weeks ago after negotiations for a new CBA broke off.  Players claim that their careers are being harmed by the lockout, which is an understatement seeing as how they’re not getting paid!

The owners say they have the right to keep players from working, and claims that the court must wait until the Labor Board rules on their claim first, that the players didn’t negotiate in good faith, before they can rule on the Players’ claim.Every fight has to have winners and losers, and the eventual winner of these legal battles will likely have the upper hand if (and when) the negotiations resume.

Sadly, the longer this thing drags out, the only losers in this whole thing will continue to be the fans.


~ Football Buddah

  1. Sean Haverty says:

    Not that I’m sexist or anything but the last thing I want to see is a gash presiding over something as important as this.

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