Fantasy Baseball Wrapup Tuesday 4/5

Posted: April 6, 2011 by frankthetank44 in Sports
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I believe I can fly...I also believe anything says

The big news on Tuesday in baseball was that the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim…is that their name?  Anyway..they replaced their closer Fernando Rodney with Jordan Walden.  If you didn’t see this move coming…then you OBVIOUSLY haven’t been taking my advice.  Lucky for you the season just started and hopefully this latest setback hasn’t knocked you as far out of the race as the Red Sox are.  As an added bonus for fans of the site, Walden picked up his first save on Tuesday night.

Onto some more news….

Jose Bautista of the Blue Jays will be out until at least Friday tending to some personal matters.  I’m satisfied with that explanation.  No need to call in Thomas Magnum.  Besides, I think he retired years ago.

Rockies Ace Ubaldo Jiminez has a cuticle issue on his pitching hand and is hoping to be ready by Friday or Saturday.  Stay tuned right here for up to the minute details.  Or as close as I can get it.

Padres #1 starter Mat Latos is expected to return next week to face the surprising Reds.  This just in…..THEY WON’T GO UNDEFEATED!  Yes I know I’m getting brave, maybe even a little cocky with my predictions aren’t I?  Maybe I should move to Vegas?

Matt Holliday has been cleared to return to baseball activities.  JUST baseball activities he can’t do anything else.  He hopes to be back in the lineup this weekend.  Of course will have the latest.  If you want to finish in last place, check another site first.  While your competition will be here and will end up in first place.  Cuz that’s what this site is all about.  #WINNING.

Cubs rookie pitcher Andrew Cashner left the game today in the 6th inning due to right shoulder soreness.  Do I really have to tell you where to go for updates?  I thought we were past this!

Marlins slugger Mike Stanton just available as a pinch hitter for the next 3-4 days while his hamstring heals.

Jay Bruce out of the lineup today, not to worry, just a rest against a lefty.  No injury to report.

Blue Jays closer Frank Francisco has begun a minor league assignment and should be returning in about 10 days.  Maybe the Red Sox will win a game by then.

Rangers rookie Alexi Ogando developed a blister in his duel with Mariners stud Michael Pineda tonight and had to leave after 6 shutout innings.  He gave up 2 hits, 2 walks and struck out 4, but got the W.

Brian Fuentes was unavailable for the A’s tonight due to a blister.  You know what that means…Andrew Bailey is on the DL so Ex-Ray Grant Balfour came in and eventually gave up the walk off homer to Yunel Escobar.

Fantasy Stars of the night :

Yovani Gallardo of the Brewers pitched a CG with 2 hits, 2 walks, and 2 Ks.  Opposing pitcher Derek Lowe of the Braves not quite good enough.  Kind of like Jon Fitch.  He went 6 innings with 7 Ks and gave up the only run in the tough 1-0 loss.

Rockies Jhoulys Chacin pitched 7 SO innings with 5 H, 2 BB & 4 Ks.

Aaron Harang popular sleeper pitching for the Padres had 6 innings of 1 run ball with 6 Ks, 6 hits and 2 BBs in a win over the defending champion Giants.

On to the bad….the Rays lost again..but look on the bright side Rays fans…you probably live in Tampa, and they scored 3 runs tonight instead of the 1 run they have been averaging for their first 3 games.

Cole Hamels.  Part of the much heralded R2D2 rotation, lost to the Mets tonight.  I’ll give that a moment to sink in.  The Mets starter was Chris Young.  Yes, THAT Chris Young the 6’10” dude.  Hamels was rocked for 6 runs and 7 hits in 2 2/3 innings.  I think James Toney had a better start to his MMA career than Hamels had to his season.

Finally, one of the big stories in the league so far this season besides the Red Sox starting 0-4 is the surprising Baltimore Orioles at 4-0 and allowing just 1 earned run a game.  However, before we get as excited as a teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert….let’s look back to last season.  In 2010 the Orioles had 7 win streaks of 4 games.  Yet they still ended up with a 96 loss season.


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