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Posted: April 5, 2011 by frankthetank44 in Sports
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This kid looks husky to me

I just finished watching the UCONN Huskies win their 3rd National Championship over the Butler Bulldogs 53-41. I may not have an appetite for the next couple days, and for me, that’s saying something. No need to insert a jump here, there wasn’t much to see in this game. Unless you love missed shots.
Credit UCONN’s D, they were bigger and contested every shot. But Butler just plain missed and missed and missed. This game was Lady Gaga ugly.
The fans at Reliant Stadium were pro-Butler, but there wasn’t much to cheer about, especially in the second half.

Butler didn't need 300 men tonight. Just one that could hit a jumper.

Butler had the worst FG % in tournament history at 18.8. They were 9/33 from 3 point range and 3/31 FROM 2 PT RANGE! They were outscored in the paint 26-2. So UCONN brings the National Title back to the Big East. If you DVR’d this game to watch later, don’t bother.

  1. Sean Haverty says:

    Just a God awful game to watch. There was some good D played but also a ton of missed wide open layups and jumpshots. Ever since the NCAA went to playing the final four in football stadiums with the court in the middle of the stadium the quality of play has diminished.

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