Lou Williams out for remainder of the season.

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Insert Doug Collins and the Philadelphia 76ers drastically improve.  Unlike the NY Knicks who, out of obvious necessity, unloaded their entire roster for this season (then again during this season), the 76ers kept their core intact and it’s paying dividends.  An extremely young roster, new coach Doug Collins made them believe in each other, educated them when they lost (early & often in the first 26 games), and has enabled them to win. 

On Friday, the 76ers clinched a spot in the playoffs and two days later they lost the teams most dangerous player especially when the game is on the line.  Lou Williams injury during the Bucks game on Sunday, with playoff positioning on the line, is another opportunity for Collins to continue teaching his young team.

When Williams is in the lineup, Philadelphia is a good team.
They are a top 10 defense, have one of the best perimeter defenders in the league, and maximize their offensive talent by limiting turnovers while working towards quality shot attempts. Without Lou on the court, the 76ers remain a defensive beast, but suffers painfully on offense.  Already challenged to create shots, the team has lost the one guy who has and will successfully take the much needed shot whether its to change the momentum mid-game or win it with a deep three.

I know, overstatement for a guy who only plays 23 mins a game and tends to shoot the ball without much regard at times.  Lou is the point guard off the bench but the guy hits the floor like a Lamborghini on an open road.  He creates the shots necessary to keep the foot on the throat of the opposing team while starters rest.  When they lockdown with defense Lou breaks them down. 

Lou is the best scorer the 76ers have and the guy you look to when things are going awry.  He gets to the line and frees teammates.  He makes up for his sub-par shooting percentage by getting to the foul line with incredible frequency.

There’s a reason, after all, that Williams is a part of many of Philadelphia’s most successful lineups. Whether he controls the ball or plays off of it, Williams has been the Sixers’ most productive offensive player this season. That’s not something that’s easily replaceable, even for a coach as savvy as Doug Collins.  While he may be the NBA’s Mr. Miyagi, coach Collins does not yet have the grasshopper in Evan Turner to fill Lou’s role.  If he does not return healthy by the first game of the playoffs, it may spell an early exit.

  1. balla4life says:

    doug acts likes he exspects evan to play error free ike he aint a rookie or somthing RELAX DOUG ERRORS ARE A PART OF MATURING AND GETTING BETTER. SHEESH LEAVE EVAN ALONE

  2. south beach says:

    Losing Williams is not that bad for the Sixers. he was never a real impact player to begin with. He was a poor percentage shooter who was undersized and overmatched.

  3. Thomas U says:

    First ever post so please excuse my novicity(is that a word?), but really, does EB not deserve a break? The guy is playing 40 minutes a game and instead should be resting up and getting ready to defend KG/Bosh whomever we get lucky playing against. Brackins has shown some promise in the D-league this season, only to get consistently rejected of minutes by DC, which has made sense up until now. Give ET and Brack some minutes and lets really see if they are capable of handling a bigger load Remember guys, we sent WILLIE GREEN for this guy.
    Do the right thing.

  4. Aaron says:

    …it’s become increasingly clear to me that Turner has reached the Marreese Speights wing of the Dougie Doghouse. I expect to see very little of Turner for the rest of the season And Doug will run his vets into the ground, in order to win as many games as possible.

  5. pylon92 says:

    Antonio Daniels has been signed from obscurity, ok it was actually the D league but has anyone ever seen one of those games? Where do these D league games actually play? Irregardless, I don’t expect Daniels to actually get any playing time instead, Daniels, the #4 overall pick in 1997, will be relegated to a bench seat where his biggest play will be to high five Thaddeus Young.
    Both offensively and defensively Daniels cannot be in a position to truly contribute to a team that has thrived this season on exactly that, teamwork. Instead, I think you will see more Jodie Meeks and a bit more of ET (Elliot will be happy with the sighting). Remember, Iggy is hurting as well and as Thomas noted, EB does need some rest but that time is not now. Collins must push this team to win out the regular season. Positioning is at stake and even more critical is the fragility of a.young team. Lose going into the playoffs and this team will not recover, win heading in and Philly will be a spoiler.

  6. bballer says:

    sixers are def missing lou will tonight. could of used em.

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