Hey it is 4/4 today. Paying homage to The Man...just don't let him near the Queen!!

So I’ve been telling you all along not to panic…it’s only the first week of the season. Hitters are very streaky. What about pitchers you ask? I wouldn’t overreact over pitching debuts either. But what you can do is target the owners that do.  Look for someone in your league with a trigger finger like Raylan Givens and make your move.  Here’s some guys to target…

Indians Fausto Carmona?  Let him pass.  In fact if I owned him I would treat him like everyone else treats Jennifer Aniston and dump him.

Yankee SP Phil Hughes?  Rumors of decreased velocity have been swirling since Spring.  We’re not talking WMD’s here, it’s true as Kurt Angle would say.  He hasn’t looked right since the All Star Game last year.  It’s just a hunch..but I say he’s going be OK.  Hold him if you own him, and try to get him for 50% value if you don’t.

Max Scherzer – Poor spring…got rocked yesterday.  First of all, that was Yankee Stadium in April.  More bombs get dropped there than at a Cain Velazquez fight.  Remember last year?  He went down to AAA and came back with a Vengeance.  V is for Vengeance.  I’d do the same, hold or try to steal him from someone.

Some closer news:

Jonny Venters pitched the 8th & Craig Kimbrel got the save again today for the Braves.  Kimbrel is the one to own.

Rumors have it that the Nationals manager prefers Sean Burnett over Drew Storen, keep an eye on it.

Francisco Rodney has been awful thus far.  Look for Jordan Walden to take over sooner rather than later.

Injury updates :

Carlos Pena sprained his right thumb in the 8th inning today for the Cubs.  They are saying it’s not serious.  Stay tuned for updates.

Orioles Jeremy Guthrie who had an excellent first start, as you saw on PlaxicoAgrees.com, he contacted pneumonia and is going to miss his next start.

Giants Closer Brian Wilson says he’s ready to return on Wednesday.

Ditto for Blue Jays closer Frank Francisco.

Indians OF Grady Sizemore is targeting Mid April for his return.

SP Justin Duchscherer is targeting May for his return.

Shane Victorino, who collided with fellow Phillie OF Ben Francisco on Saturday night, returned to the lineup on Sunday so he’s fine.  Well as fine as he can be.

Some game notes :

Jonathan Broxton gave up another homer late Sunday night, but picked up another save.

Richie Weeks and Alfonso Soriano continued their hot start on Monday.

Braves rookie SP Brandon Beachy got stuck with a ND, but pitched 6 innings of 1 run ball with 7 Ks.

The Orioles are now 4-0.

Derek Jeter may be moving down in the lineup.  I know they are using Gardner at leadoff against RHP, but his bat still looks slow.  He’s not getting the ball out of the IF.  Look for Nick Swisher and his high OBP to move up to the 2 spot.

Brandon Boesch went 4-4 yesterday. Sell high.  Check out his splits :

.242 against RHP. .337 against LHP.

Some starting pitchers switching their days :

CC Sabathia will stay on his normal rest and pitch Tuesday against the Twins, pushing #5 starter Freddy Garcia back to Wednesday.

A’s SP Brandon McCarthy will now pitch Tuesday and Dallas Braden will get pushed back to Wed.

High draft choice Troy Tulowitzki is 0-8 in his first 2 games.

Someone to watch : Seattle rookie SP Michael Pineda.  Very highly touted prospect.  Starting Tues but it’s at Texas.  Not a great place to make your MLB debut.  We’ll see if he can do as well as Zach Britton did in his Oriole debut.  The last team to go thru Texas is having their starting pitchers treated for whiplash.  John Lackey may pitch his next game in a neckbrace a la Joel Gertner.  Is the Rangers offense that formidable?  Or can a lineup of Kate Plus 8 hit off of the Red Sox pitchers?

  1. BoSox says:

    I found more humor in reading George Steinbrenner’s obituary then your Fantasy ReCRAP. Give the Rangers credit, they played a great series and didn’t miss much over the plate. Red Sox pitchers will be fine just not tonight cause Becketts on the mound. I hope I am wrong but Beckett is just plain bad right now. Currently the lineup has too many lefties but Francona will shuffle things about and once again they will reign over the AL East. I see Crawford is moving to the 2 hole today, looks like its already happening!!!

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