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After UFC parent company Zuffa’s purchase of Strikeforce, Bellator Fighting Championship has become our second biggest mixed martial arts company on television.  After two consecutive weeks of great cards, Bellator returned tonight on MTV2 broadcasting live from The Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT.  It’s a tough task to match last week’s highlight reel inverted triangle by Rich Hale on Nik Fekete but the great thing about MMA is anything can happen at any second. Before we begin, here’s Hale’s victory submission.

Tonight’s card feature’s former UFC fighter Ben Saunders’ Bellator debut in a non-tournament match. In a lightweight semi-final match-up one half of “The Pitbull” brothers, Patricky Freire, takes on the first man to pull off an inverted triangle in a Bellator Tournament, Toby Imada. The welterweight semi-final fight features Lyman Good vs. Rick Hawn. While the main event features Bellator Season 2 lightweight winner Pat Curran finally getting his title shot against Eddie Alvarez, who is considered one of the best in the sport amongst lightweight fighters.

The first fight, Saunders vs. Matt Sung Lee is at a catch weight of 175lbs. Lee comes into this fight having 3 out of his last 4 wins come by KO or Submission. Saunders himself has 8 finishes out of his 9 professional wins. He says “An artist uses his canvas and paint, I try to utilize my opponent’s face and body and my favorite colors to use are black, red and blue.” Well said Ben.

Saunders comes out of the gate and starts utilizing his kicks. After a minute and a half of strike exchanges, Lee gets caught in Saunders’ clinch and Ben starts using his great Muay Thai skills with repeated knees to the body. Lee gets separation but is rocked into the cage and Ben quickly gets back into the clinch throwing more knees. Saunders keeps being the aggressor and eventually we get some blood coming from Lee’s nose. The round finishes with both fighters still standing and landing solid shots but Ben clearly had this round.

We start the second round with both fighters throwing strikes and Saunders employing more clinch strikes. With about 3:45 left in the round we have a break as Saunders got an inadvertant shot to the family jewels. We’re quickly back in to the action, not only is Lee’s nose bleeding everywhere but he now has a nice welt under his left eye.  Just as commentator Jimmy Smith says it, Lee starts to work his way inside to try a takedown at get this fight off the feet where he’s clearly behind, but his opponent blocks any attempt.  More clinch work with elbows now landing in addition to the knees. Blood now pours out of Lee’s right eye. He’s a mess but there’s no quit in him. Saunders takes round 2.

The doctor wants to stop this fight but Lee’s corner convinces him their fighter is up for a third round. The crowd and Saunders himself show Lee the respect he’s earning from them. At the start of the round Wheelock advises us Lee studied computer science at the University of Massachusetts, geek. More strikes and elbows to the face and now blood pours from Lee’s left eye. The ref stops the clock at 3:36 and the doctor stops the fight.

TKO win for Ben “Killer B” Saunders. Freire vs. Imada is up next.

As this is a semi-final tournament match, Wheelock reminds us that there are no elbows to the face or head. This rule is only in effect for quarter-final and semi-final fights and not enforced in non-tournament fights, the finals or championship fights.

The fighters spend much of the round exchanging technical strikes. Pitbull lands a few good kicks including one that almost takes out Imada’s legs around the 1:40 mark. Huge knee from Patricky lands squarely to Imada’s face and he’s hurt. Pitbull pounces with a few punches and Imada is out.

Patricky “Pitbull” Freire wins by TKO at 2:53 and advances to the lightweight finals to face the winner of Lloyd “Cupcake” Woodward and Michael Chandler.

Our third fight of the night is Lymon Good vs. Rick Hawn to see who advances to the finals of the welterweight tournament.

Has anybody told Hawn he’d be a star if he would go by Rick “Goldie” Hawn? I’m sure I’m not the first. Former champ Good wants to win this and get back to finals after loosing his title to current welterweight champ Ben Askren last year.

After a brief warm up stage, “Goldie” gets Good pressed up against the cage and works for position before the fighters separate and exchange some strikes. Hawn comes forward and Good lands a solid uppercut followed up by a few smaller ones while inside before Hawn gets him pressed against the cage again to work some Judo. Lyman manages to prevent any takedowns and the fighters are back in the middle of the cage and end out the round stalking each other. Tough round to score, Hawn did control the fight against the fence for a while but failed to accomplish anything from it. Good on the other hand landed some good upper cuts and defended Hawn’s takedown attempt nicely. Jimmy Smith gives the round to Good, I’d have to agree.

Hawn opens round 2 with his Judo and manages to get Good down with an outside trip. Good doing a decent job holding off any offense from Hawn and manages to land a solid upkick. Hawn continues to work and throw some strikes while Good seems to be trying to hold Hawn close enough to prevent any real damage. The round ends and Hawn takes this one.

We head to third. If I was Good I’d want to make sure I finish this fight because there’s a chance the judges gave Hawn the first round too and he could be down 20-18 as the bell rings. Hawn tries to get inside but Lyman is doing a good job up keeping him back with accurate jabs. The fight is back against the cage but Good manages to get separation and Hawn backs up. Good starts letting his kicks fly and gets more aggressive but slows down. Hawn continues to be the aggressor and gets a takedown to finish the round.

Both fighters think they won. I’m calling it 29-28 for Hawn. The first judge agrees with me, the second judge scores it 29-28 for Lyman Good, and the third judge scores it 30-27 for the winner by split decision Rick “Goldie” Hawn. Hawn gets his record to 11-0 and advances to the tournament finals to face the winner of next week’s Jay Heiron vs. Brent Weedman fight.

Pat Curran earned his title shot as the winner of Bellator’s season 2  lightweight tournament but had to pull out of his season 3 match when he injured his shoulder. Tonight he finally gets his shot. I have to say I’m pulling for Curran in this one, been a fan of his since he appeared on Tapout a few years ago. Though Alvarez won the title in 2009 and has had a few fights since, including wins against Josh Neer and Roger Huerta, this is his first title defense. Here we go.

Lots of circling by Alvarez to start the fight with a few good punches landed. Curran continues to play defense and picks his shots until Eddie lands a single-leg takedown and gets Currans back upon the stand up. He works Curran against the cage before they separate. As Alvarez goes for a trip, Curran lands a solid knee to Eddie’s face. Both fighters are starting to move more, Curran picking up his pace though the final minute into the end of the round. Alvarez takes the first 10-9.

Much of the in the second round with high marks for Eddie’s quick punches and Pat’s solid takedown defense. Curran lands a solid knee again in the final minute but I’d have to say Alvarez takes round 2, leads the scorecard 20-18. Since this is a title fight it is scheduled for 5 rounds so Curran still has a chance to catch up.

Alvarez comes out with more aggression realizing he can’t let the underdog stick around the entire fight. Curran continues his defense and work his counter striking. Eddie scores a good takedown after landing some tough body shots at the 4:00 mark. The round ends with the fighters on their feet again. Alvarez is up 30-27.

Curran steps it up a bit in the 4th and gets a bloody nose for his efforts but neither fighter is landing fight changing shots. Alvarez’s quickness and excellent boxing are again giving him the round. We head into the 5th round with Curran hanging in there like Mike McDermott at Teddy KGB’s.

Alvarez launches into a series of takedown attempts with Curran popping up at each one. Nothing much has changed except Eddie has taken a few breaths and stepped away from the fight on a few occasions. Flying knee attempt by Alvarez and a nice left hook to follow-up. Give Curran credit but Alvarez is proving why he should be ranked amongst the best lightweights out there. A late takedown by Curran won’t do anything to change the scorecards.

One judge scores it 49-46 the other two score it 50-45 for your winner by unanimous decision and still the Bellator Lightweight Champion, Eddie Alvarez.

Another solid night of fights from Bellator. Looking forward to going to the May 14th show in Atlantic City. Come back next week for more MMA action from Bellator 40.

  1. frankthetank44 says:

    Don’t know how that judge saw that fight 30-27 for Hawn. Close fight though.

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