Your turn Orangemen of Syracuse!

Posted: April 2, 2011 by ksteets in Sports

Boise St. started a disease and it spread to Eastern Washington. Now that disease has spread to Central Arkansas. Yesterday the University of Central Arkansas unveiled plans for the installation of their new turf at the school’s Estes Stadium. Following in the footsteps of Boise State’s blue turf and Eastern Washington’s crimson red turf, The Bears of Central Arkansas have decided to buck the traditional green field and employ the school’s  colors in the field design.

This is gonna suck to watch on TV

Unlike the solid colors of The Broncos and Eagles, The Bear’s purple and gray will alternate every five yards with the five yards on both sides of the 50 yard line being gray and the endzones in black. Supposedly, loud colorful fields like this are being done to pull in more fans and ticket buyers. I just think they do it to get on the front page of

  1. Sean Haverty says:

    If you stare at that football field for 30 seconds, you can see a schooner!

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