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Posted: April 1, 2011 by frankthetank44 in Sports
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The Reds celebrate as their teammate Ramon Hernandez is named Mr. March 2011 by

If the calendar says March 31st that must mean it’s time for some baseball!  Today was Opening Day 2011 for Major League Baseball.  The only one of the three major sports NOT to have an impending lockout on it’s hands.

Only 6 games today, so let’s start with some fantasy baseball tidbits….

First HR of 2011 was hit by Jason Heyward, RF for the Atlanta Braves off of  Nationals starter  Livan Hernandez.  Expecting many more of those this season.  (For both Heyward AND Hernandez).

Yankees 1B Mark Texeira is on pace for 162 homers & 486 RBIs so far this season.

Mr. March 2011 goes to Ramon Hernandez, C for the Reds.  He hit a 3-run walk-off homer off of Brewers closer John Axford.  Condolences to all the fantasy owners (myself included) who thought they were getting one of the top closers this season.  He was one of the select few with job security.  I guess we can consider him day to day.  Aren’t we all.

In other closer news, Craig Kimbrel picked up the save today for the Braves with Jonny Venters picking up the (H)old.   Guess that’s where the H went.  Keep an eye on these two, it’s another one of those dreaded closer by committees.

Much maligned from last season..Jonathan Broxton picked up a save tonight for the Dodgers..upon closer examination…he served up a HR to the SECOND hitter he faced. strikeouts in the inning he pitched.  Something worth monitoring there.

March 31, 2011 was the Day of the Set Up Man.  6 games…3 Wins by set up men (Pat Neshek, Joba Chamberlain, and the 6’8″ Logan Ondrusek.  He doesn’t even have a picture in his Yahoo profile).  I wouldn’t go scouring the waiver wire for these guys….you can trust me, they are most likely available in any league where Holds isn’t a category.

Today it was all the #1 starters opposing one another.  Derek Lowe, Clayton Kershaw and Tim Lincecum all allowed 0 ERs although Lincecum picked up the L….against Kershaw.

Austin Jackson of the Detroit Tigers looks like he picked up where he left off last year leading the AL in strikeouts.  3 more for him today against the Yankees.

Brandon Belt, the rookie 1B for the SF Giants was a big story out of Spring Training.  He ended up getting the start today, batted seventh and singled in his first MLB AB.  Keep an eye on him.  Interesting to see what the team does when Roy Halladay’s pal Cody Ross comes off the DL.

Speaking of Halladay, he’s starting off the Phillies season tomorrow at 1:00  on ESPN against the Astros.  The #1 starter for the Astros opposing him is Ex-Philly Randy Myers. That’s 1 of 11 games scheduled for Friday.  Make sure to check your lineups if you’re in a daily league these first few days.  Teams play sporadically when the season starts.

The last piece of news for today…consensus #1 overall fantasy pick Albert Pujols made history today.  This may be the only time this season you find him in the Fantasy NOT category.  Pujols was 0-5 with 3 GIDP.  A bit of advice for you…and if you need this advice I have no idea why you are reading this post.  KEEP HIM IN YOUR LINEUP!

  1. Rick Stewart says:

    Hi, I came across your page by accident and was just looking around. I’m confused for what your site is about. I see UFC stuff and fantasy baseball write up. None of it makes sense to me. Kind of a waste of my time. If you post some nude pics of women, well then I would come back but that baseball stuff is all over the internet. Just a confused passer by.

  2. Whiff says:

    Hey Frank,

    Is it wrong that I dropped Franklin and Axford and traded Pujols for Ricky Weeks and Curtis Granderson?

    • frankthetank44 says:

      Ha! Happy April Fools Day to you too! Seriously though, you bring up a good point, possibly something to blog about in the near future (spoiler alert). You can’t over-react after 1 day. Pujols..or any top 10 hitter is there because they are consistent. Baseball is all streaks and slumps. As far as closers go, as a 2010 Jonathan Broxton owner I can tell never, ever know. After those top 5 or 6 closers, the rest could be on a short leash. Not sure how big of a roster you’re dealing with but you should stash or at least watch Motte(STL) & Saito(MIL). The only thing with Axford is his issue last season was his control problems, not the long ball. Good luck!

      • HittinHard says:

        10 team 5×5 league, head to head.

        I have 6 OF and am looking to trade from my depth but I also have a guy trying to get Mauer from me. I have thought about countering the offer he sent me (I give up J. Hamilton and J. Mauer he gives me J. Upton and C. Crawford) by adding his catcher, M. Montero to the deal. I don’t need the OF since I already have a lot of good OF’s (so does the guy who offered this deal) but if I can get Crawford and Upton plus can plug in Montero to be my catcher, maybe I do the deal, and he probably would do it since he wouldn’t need Montero anymore.

        Then I could turn around and try to offer another team in the league that is starting Zobrist and Abreu at OF this trade: I give Alexi Ramirez (my SS), M. Montero, J. Upton, and J. Heyward for V. Martinez and Tulo.

        What do you think? In a way I feel I would be giving up too much get Tulo and V-Mart to improve my catcher and SS, but I would have the OF depth? Would I be better trying to offer one of the OF and Ramirez for Tulo and sticking with Montero? My offense as I layed out the trades would be V-Mart, Pujols, Prado, McGehee, Tulo, Crawford, Holliday, Werth, and probably Pagan at UTIL.

        Since I won’t know for sure about the 2nd trade until I have the players and offer him something, should I go through with the first trade anyways, knowing that I would have Crawford, Holliday, Upton, Heyward, Werth, Pagan, and Fowler and only be able to start 4 of them?

  3. Whiff says:

    Guess your saying I made a bad deal, overreacted a bit. Then again you never really said good deal or bad deal. If your not going to commit either way then your not giving me much.

    As for HittinHard, I say you want Tulo but DO NOT give up Prado. He’s going to have a great year but I do like Tulo too. Hill although healed this year will under deliver, Prado will crush some stats this season. Bruce is crap, forget about that one. I say Zimmerman and Cordero for Tulo. May be low but a good start. When he says no, then the fair deal he should take is Zimmerman and Hamels. That should do it and a win for both.

    Frank will get wishy washy on you so I wouldn’t wait, pull the trigger.

  4. frankthetank44 says:

    Sorry Whiff it was April Fools Day. It sounds like it’s too late now anyway. I said not to drop Pujols because he went 0-5. You shouldn’t have traded him away either. The sharks come out early if they sense fear in the water. Who did you pick up for Axford and Franklin by the way? I hope another 2 closers?

  5. frankthetank44 says:

    HittinHard – I wrote a response but I guess I didn’t post it? I don’t know. That trade stuff was really hard to follow. I usually only trade if I’m improving my team. It’s early in the season so it’s hard to predict what will happen. Not sure why you would move Mauer since he’s arguably the top overall catcher. Your team seems pretty good as it is. I really want to know how in a 10 team league you ended up with Pujols, Tulo & Crawford on your team???

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