The Ultimate Fighter: Lesnar vs. Dos Santos

Posted: March 31, 2011 by ksteets in MMA, Sports
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This time it's not personal at all.

The UFC and Spike TV launched the 13th season of their reality show The Ultimate Fighter Wednsday night.  Still feeling the effects of losing The Heavyweight Championship to Cain Velasquez at UFC:121 last October, Brock Lesnar signs in as one of the fighters that will coach a group of 14 amateur’s as they kick, punch, knee, elbow and try to submit their way to a UFC contract. Lesnar’s rival coach is top ranked heavyweight Junior dos Santos. While the welterweight who scores the contract will help give bragging rights to their respective coach, the two heavyweights themselves will face off in the octogon June 11 at UFC 131 to determine who gets a shot at Velasquez  and the title.

After a quick intro and title cards UFC President Dana White welcomes the 14 newbies to the UFC Training Center and starts off with some good news. Unlike the past few seasons, the guys do not have to fight their way into the house. Not sure if I like this change, it does take away some of the opening emotion but at the same time gets the main action started quicker. The boss does add that they are keeping the wild card spot for the eighth spot in the quarterfinals. So one of the men that looses his first round fight still has a chance if he impresses the coaches and Dana enough.

Next on White’s checklist, his signature “Do you want to be a fighter” speech and for some reason it never gets old. White is a guy you either like or hate, I fall in the former. Honesty is a rare commodity in professional sports and with him you always know where he’s coming from. He expects 100% from his fighters whether they are under contract or fighting for one.

Out come the coaches and White reads off their stat sheets. Let the evaluations begin. The welterweights break up into sets and each go through drills and excercises while Lesnar and dos Santos determine who they would like to have on their teams. Brock states he doesn’t want the guy who’s been sitting on his couch the past month eating pizza and drinking beer. Guess I’m out.

Dos Santos starts off advising the guys, “I don’t speak English very well, but I think it’s not going to be a problem for us ’cause we can speak the fight language.” So get ready for subtitles this season. Junior’s camp seems to be riding high on a few fighters and one of them, Myles Jury tweaks his knee. Jury shakes it off and says he’ll be fine with ice and rest.

Back in Dana’s office for the coin flip to see who gets to pick the first fighter and who will get to pick the first match-up. Lesnar wins the flip and states he wants to pick the first fighter which means dos Santos picks the first match-up. Brock’s main goal is to pick the best guys but if that doesn’t pan out he states “We’ll just have to make chicken salad out of chicken shit.”

Unlike previous years the picks have been made in the office and Dana returns to the gym to read off the picks and hand out the team jerseys. Green for Lesnar and grey for dos Santos. For his first pick Lesnar goes with Len Bentley and Shamar Bailey heads to Team dos Santos. Bother fighters are happy with their #1 pick status’. Chris Cope ends up with a green Lesnar jersey and states he hopes Brock loves him. White wishes him good luck. If Cope doesn’t win a spot onto the UFC roster he would make a great Jeff Ament in a Pearl Jam tribute band.

Training starts the next morning and Brock and Myles Jury get more info on Jury’s knee. The doctor advises him he has a torn ACL. “That’s the bad one?” Jury asks. With that White has to send him home and bring in Chowdahead Chuck O’Neil who seems wicked happy to be Team Lesnar.

Dos Santos sends out his #1 pick Bailey to fight Team Lesnar’s last pick, German fighter Nordin Asrih who plans on keeping the fight off the ground and punish Bailey with his striking. Asrih’s plan quickly falls apart as Shamar takes him down almost immediately. Lots of maneuvering on the ground for the rest of the round with few strikes thrown, but the ones that were came from Bailey in the top position including some well paced elbows to the body and head in the final minute. 1st round goes to Bailey.

Round 2 starts with Nordin going for a kick to the head and missing which lands him flat on his back, giving Bailey an open invitation to work on his ground and pound. Within seconds he has full mount but Asrih manages to shake him off, avoid giving up his back and catching his opponent in a weak guillatine which Bailey easily escapes. He’s back to side mount and throwing bows, eventually gaining full mount again and finishing off the fight by taking the scorecards.

Team dos Santos 1 – Team Lesnar 0.

This season on the Ultimate Fighter – disapointed coaches, broken furniture, Matt Hughes, in house fighting and crutches that like to swim. Come back next week for more.

  1. Sean Haverty says:

    Lesnar got Syphilis indirectly from Johnny B Badd via that sperm bank he calls his wife. I don’t know much – but these three things are golden:

    1. Never get less than 12 hours of sleep
    2. Never play cards with a guy who has the same first name as a
    3. Never follow Johnny B Badd after he’s done with a chick

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