David Ferrer is only guilty of having bad aim and not following through

Posted: March 31, 2011 by ksteets in Sports
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Yes, we’re actually talking tennis!! Yesterday at the Sony Erickson Open, Spanish star David Ferrer got ticked off at a lost point and lobbed the dead ball towards the crowd in the direction of a crying baby, which may or may not have been too distracting to the star.

 Whether or not the little brat was the cause of Ferrer’s bad play should be irrelevant. What was this total tool doing bringing his screaming kid to a tennis match? Or how about when your little brat does start screaming, you get up and get out of there? I can’t blame Ferrer for getting his panties in a bunch. The only thing I do pin on him is his shot was way off. Dude, if you’re going start the swing, you should follow through and give that little brat a nice welt or at least hit the father.

Ferrer ended up loosing to Mardy Fish 7-5 and 6-2. After the match Fish said, “He’d probably take that one back if he could, he’s a very nice guy. Obviously flustered.” Barney Miller agreed.

  1. theguy13 says:

    I wish I knew how to spell Wojciehowicz

    • Sean Haverty says:

      Bad aim and not following through…Sounds like a night out in Fells Point with theguy13 after playing beer pong

  2. frankthetank44 says:

    I hope he plays football better than Abe Vigoda.

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