Fantasy Baseball 2Knight

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The Captain's Locker

August 2nd is a memorable day for me. For one, because it’s my Mother’s birthday. But the other was because of what happened in 1979. It was the day that Yankee catcher and captain Thurman Munson died in a plane crash. Yankee Stadium plays a great tribute video but I can’t find it on Youtube. None of the tributes I found there really did it justice.


Rockies OF CarGo hopes to return from his wrist injury on Saturday.

In good news/bad news for the Rockies, star SS Troy Tulowitzki left Tuesday night’s game in the 8th inning after injuring the pinky finger on his throwing hand.  He was 0-2 with a walk at that point in the game.

Marlins SS HanRam left Tuesday night’s game with a sprained shoulder.

Dodgers rookie SP Rubby De La Rosa will need Tommy John surgery.  Expect him to miss most if not all of the 2012 season as well.

White Sox 1B Paul Konerko remained out after taking a pitch to the knee over the weekend.

Orioles SP Jake Arrieta is having his next scheduled start on Saturday vs Toronto skipped.  He is dealing with bone spurs on his elbow and his season could be in jeopardy.

Mets SP Johan Santana was scratched from his scheduled rehab start on Thursday due to lingering soreness in his left shoulder.


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The End is HERE!

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The NFL Lock-Out, for all intents and purposes, has ended.

After 132 days of “lock-out”, and no football related movement, the NFL Players Association approved the CBA that the Owners agreed upon last week. It’s no coincidence that today is also the birthday of the late, great, Walter Payton; so we can all thank  Sweetness himself for looking down on the current players, and telling them to get their asses back on the field! Read the rest of this entry »

What’s up with Netflix?

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Ok, so by now most of you have heard that Netflix recently changed their operating model to separate their plans, to better reflect the costs of each. What I’m talking about is the traditional DVD’s by mail, and the unlimited on-line streaming of movies. Instead of the $10 bucks a month it was costing to have both of these options, they are now going to start charging $8 bucks a month, for each! That’s a 60% increase. I’m sure their investors are tickled pink about that, especially since they have seen their stock jump over 200% over the past year. (Note to self, buy some stock). Well, I for one, can live without the on-line streaming; because quite frankly, their on-line selection isn’t as vast as I thought it would be. Perhaps if they increased their library, it might be worth the extra $8 bucks. But, for now, I’ll stick with the one-DVD-out-at-a-time deal, and save a few bucks per month. Great, maybe now I can go OUT to the movies, by myself!

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Expedition: Impossible – Week 4 Recap

Posted: July 14, 2011 by ksteets in TV

When last we saw our competitors they had finished the 3rd leg of the race and were in the 105 degree Sahara Desert. This week they’ve been magically transported to the below freezing temperatures of the High Atlas Mountains. The first checkpoint 10,000 feet high on the mountain. The Gypsies start off before everyone…again. This week they’ll keep their eyes on No Limits as they’ve already climbed Mt. Everest and should be strong with this challenge. Starting 2nd with No Limits are The Country Boys. After them is the group of The Fab 3, The Firemen and The Football Players. The last group to go is The Cops, The Fishermen, California Girls and last weeks 10th place winners, Team Kansas.

We get a shot of No Limits with Jeff calling out directions to help Eric through the snow-covered rocky terrain. After watching this show I’m never going to feel bad for a blind person again. This guy is unstoppable. Meanwhile, The Country Boys are not doing so well as we see multiple teams passing them and The Fab 3, being hurt and sick have fallen back to 6th place.

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2011 State Farm Home Run Derby

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Yankees over Red Sox yet again

Yankees 2B Robinson Cano won the 2011 State Farm Home Run Derby by beating Red Sox 1B Adrian Gonzalez 12-11 in the Final Round. Both hitters set a record for most homers in a final round. A-Gone obviously set his first, and Cano broke it. Both slugged 20 homers thru the first 2 rounds. Brewers 1B and NL team captain Prince Fielder hit the longest homer of the night measured at 474 feet.  Cano’s father Jose, a former major league pitcher, pitched to Cano & Big Papi for the AL team.

After the jump is a video of the catch of the night, and also a preview of the starting lineups for Tuesday’s All Star Game.

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2011 State Farm Home Run Derby Preview

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Everybody knows chicks dig the long ball

The 2011 State Farm Home Run Derby will take place Monday night at 8 PM EST from Chase Field in Arizona. This year, it was set up a little differently. There were 2 captains named, one from the AL & one from the NL, and then they chose 3 teammates from their respective leagues.
The American League captain was David Ortiz, the 2010 Home Run Derby champ. The DH has 19 homers this season and this is Big Papi’s 5th Home Run Derby. He chose as his teammates :

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Derek Jeter Day

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Greatest Yankee ever??

July 9,2011 will forever be known as Derek Jeter Day.  Jeter entered Saturday’s game at 2,998 career hits.  One 5-5 game later, he became the 28th member of baseball’s 3,000 hit club.  He also because the 2nd player ever to hit a home run for his 3,000th hit, former teammate  Wade Boggs being the first.  He’s also the ONLY Yankee to have 3000 hits.  Think about that for a minute.  Of all the members of Cooperstown in hats with the interlocking NY and the pinstripes, Jeter is the only one with 3000 hits in his career.

Saturday afternoon, after singling in the first inning for hit #2,999, he came up in the bottom of the fourth and took a David Price slider deep into the left field bleachers on a 3-2 pitch.  It was a no-doubter and it set off bedlam in the stands.  23 year old Christian Lopez of Highland Mills, NY was the lucky fan to catch the souvenir.  He gave the ball back to Jeter, saying he earned it and it never occurred to him to keep it.  The Yankees rewarded him with 4 tickets to every game for the rest of the year and some signed Derek Jeter memorabilia.  3 balls, 3 bats & 2 jerseys all signed by Jeter.

Of course, Jeter wasn’t done..his 5th hit of the day came in the bottom of the eighth inning of a 4-4 game.  He singled in the winning run in a perfect day for the Yankee captain.  The Yankees beat their division rival Tampa Bay Rays 5-4.  Stay tuned to the HBO documentary regarding his pursuit of history.

Check out the video of the historic hit :